3 Ways Upstream Works for Amazon Connect Will Improve Your Contact Center

Upstream Works is excited to introduce you to our newest product offering – Upstream Works for Amazon Connect. We enhance Amazon Connect with a unified desktop, digital channel flexibility, seamless integrations and management simplicity – and it’s all optimized for enterprises. Bring flexible cloud omnichannel solutions to your contact center to accelerate innovation, transform the customer experience and increase efficiency.

Upstream Works for Amazon (UWA) is a solution that is designed to help the entire enterprise, from IT to the contact center and back office. Below we have outlined three valuable use cases for UWA across the organization. Learn how Upstream Works can provide better agent productivity, happier customers and easy-to-use management tools.

Unify the Agent Experience & Improve Productivity

Empower agents by equipping them with a unified agent desktop and dynamic tools that enable them to deliver personalized and meaningful experiences, resulting in improved First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

With UWA, the agent desktop has productivity and team collaboration tools for all channels, including Amazon Connect voice and Upstream Works’ digital channels. With tools like FollowUp and Team Chat, agents have the ability to create and track tasks while having instant access to their team and supervisor through real-time messages.

The UWA desktop provides full visibility into the customer journey, Interaction Activity and History, and context-data. Agents can easily see a customer’s past interactions with the contact center to better understand their needs while predicting future issues that may arise. With all this valuable information at their fingertips, agents can better personalize service during every single interaction with customers, no matter how customers choose to contact you. Reduce customer effort and increase agent efficiency.

Contact centers can further tailor and extend UWA with seamless integrations to contact center and business applications, CRMs and data. Bring all the tools and resources used throughout the enterprise into a single desktop. Agents and digital workers in the back and front offices will have access to everything they need without having to switch to various screens or windows.

Transform the entire enterprise with consistent tools that integrate workflows from the contact center to the front and back offices. With full visibility of all CX interactions across the entire organizations, UWA helps to remove information silos while improving processes and efficiency.

Deliver Omnichannel Convenience & Improve Customer Loyalty

UWA ensures you can deliver convenient service to customers on the channel of their choice with Amazon Connect voice and Upstream Works’ digital channels, including email, chat, messaging, video co-browse, social, bots, and more.

Provide your customers with intuitive self-service options with chat bots and Upstream Works Customer Assist. Customer Assist serves as an online help knowledge portal that customers can access through your website. This allows customers to find quick resolutions to common issues, while freeing up the contact center and your agents to focus on more complex customer issues – which means agents can provide meaningful and personalized engagements.

Simplify Management & Innovate Your Business

UWA provides an intuitive Supervisor Desktop with team collaboration tools and real-time reports and analytics. Supervisors can track agents, teams and queues, and support their agents through easy-to-use communication tools like Team Chat and Marquee alerts and notifications.

With access to real-time reports, analytics and data, Supervisors and business leaders can better understand the needs of their customers, agents and organization as a whole. This gives contact centers the opportunity to make data-driven decisions and streamline processes.

UWA also provides the opportunity to accelerate innovation. The fast deployment model means enterprises can leverage new and emerging technologies quickly while continuing to make use of existing technologies and systems. We offer the flexibility to scale up or down as your business and customer needs change and grow. UWA is a solution that will expand and evolve with your organization; it won’t stand in the way of true growth and development.

Upstream Works for Amazon Connect is a complete end-to-end omnichannel solution. Optimize processes throughout the entire enterprise with a cost-effective solution that is easy to scale. Learn more about UWA here.