Omnichannel Contact Center Software
for Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop

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Effective Customer Experience Management

In order to deliver an exceptional customer experience, contact center software needs to provide customers with communication options on their terms – with channel choice and convenient service. It also needs to provide agents with a single desktop tool that brings together customer information from across the organization. A true omnichannel contact center is different than a multichannel contact center. A true omnichannel contact center means being able to consistently deliver services to customers across all channels, no matter where their customer journey takes them.

Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) provides omnichannel customer service capabilities to the Finesse Agent Desktop.

Beyond traditional call center software, UWF is a flexible omnichannel agent desktop, that can be delivered on-premise or as a cloud contact center software solution. Omnichannel-ready configurations are available, and all Cisco Collaboration platforms including UCCE, PCCE, UCCX, HCS are supported. This flexibility is essential in order to meet the diverse needs of the modern contact center.

The web-based architecture means it’s scalable, flexible, and easy to deploy. It leverages existing infrastructure with its seamless integration capabilities, providing a lower total cost of ownership and delivering a rapid ROI.

Omnichannel Agent Desktop

Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) Desktop delivers on the omnichannel promise with web-based gadgets and tools in a single workspace for all channels and applications, all within Cisco Finesse.

True Omnichannel
UWF goes beyond email and chat to bring all channels into the contact center, providing consistency from the Single Agent Desktop to reporting and analytics. Customers have a unified and continuous experience, no matter how they choose to contact you.

The Single Agent Desktop is intuitive and empowers agents with capabilities to deliver personalized, responsive, and consistent customer engagements across every channel. Popular features include:

  • Team Chat Rooms – Agents can quickly consult with team members in persistent chat rooms to share knowledge and resolve issues.
  • Chat Conference – A peer or supervisor can easily be consulted or conferenced into a customer chat for coaching or issue escalation.
  • Marquee Messaging and Stats – Supervisors can easily create and send team communications in real-time with thresholds and alerts.
  • Knowledge Management – Collect, search, organize, guide, collaborate and manage knowledge for consistent, omnichannel customer service.

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Contact Center Software Integration

Businesses are bringing it all together with seamless integration between any channel, application, CRM platform, and database, extending the value of investments, reducing training time and increasing productivity.

  • Channel Integration – Beyond multiple channels, UWF provides consistent handling, management, and reporting of contacts across any channel, to easily support the entire omnichannel customer journey
  • Desktop and Data Integration – Connecting and extending all integrations including application pop, click-to-dial, data exchange and more, so that the valuable data in existing infrastructure is fully leveraged
  • Any Application Integration – Full integration with any existing or future vertical, or legacy business application and/or  CRM platforms including Salesforce® and Microsoft Dynamics®
  • Salesforce®
  • Calabrio
  • AS400 / 3270
  • Google Gmail
  • Nexmo
  • Microsoft Dynamics®
  • NICE®
  • Terminal Services/ Citrix
  • Facebook
  • Office 365/ Exchange
  • PeopleSoft
  • Verba
  • CaféX
  • Chat
  • Twilio™
  • Acqueon™
  • ZOOM
  • Co-Browse
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Webtext
  • SAP®
  • Verint®
  • Assist
  • Email
  • WebEx Teams
  • Oracle CC&B
  • .NET
  • Lighthouse
  • CRM
  • Video
  • ServiceNow
  • Java Scripts
  • Jack Henry
  • CloudCherry
  • Any Application
Omnichannel Management Reporting & Analytics National Dashboard

Customer Journey Analytics, Omnichannel Reporting & Management

UWF provides flexible reporting for performance optimization. Convenient, flexible access to actionable information, how and when it’s needed. UWF includes a rich set of standard historical reports and real-time statistics for insights into all the data collected by UWF.

  • Meaningful Metrics and Analytics for all channels, including First Contact Resolution (FCR), and agent solve rates
  • Standard Key Performance Indicators spanning durations, counts, averages, percentages, and more
  • Supervisor Tools and Interactive Gadgets for quick insight into queue statistics, team performance, and task management capabilities

Upstream Works + Cisco SolutionsPlus

Cisco customers and partners can now enhance the Cisco contact center offering and create a complete solution with Upstream Works products in the Cisco SolutionsPlus program. Cisco SolutionsPlus is a purchasing program for Cisco’s customers, channel partners and sales teams for selected third-party products and applications.

The following Upstream Works products are now available on the Cisco SolutionsPlus Program:

  • Upstream Works for Finesse Productivity Pack
  • Upstream Works for Finesse Digital Base
  • Upstream Works for Finesse Omnichannel (UCCX)
  • Upstream Works for Finesse Application Server Base

For more information about the Cisco SolutionsPlus program, visit the Cisco partner website

To activate your SolutionsPlus order, please click here.

Easily migrate from Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) to Upstream Works for Finesse

Your contact center migration can be both simple and rewarding. When you migrate to UWF, you can keep the features you know and are accustomed to using, and reap the benefits of additional functionality with:

  • Single Agent Desktop and Management Simplicity for all channels
  • Knowledge Management
  • Voice and Omnichannel configurations
  • Seamless integration capabilities protecting your existing technology investments
  • Support for all Cisco Collaboration platforms including UCCE, PCCE, UCCX, HCS

Ask us how Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) can accelerate your migration from CAD.

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Upstream Works Aids GDPR

Upstream Works provides omnichannel-ready contact center software that is designed to provide an optimal customer experience. It does not store customer profile records itself; it does however maintain interaction records which identify customers in terms of pertinent information that enables a great CX, including channel of contact, reason for the contact, and any other information the contact center deems to be useful. The desktop and routing platform can also track repeat contact behaviors and can help identify potential fraud.

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Change Your Customer Care Experience on Every Channel

UWF delivers customer service excellence to the Cisco collaboration platform. A web-based, omnichannel contact center s

olution with in Cisco

Finesse, UWF provid es user-friendly gadgets and a consistent agent interface for interaction management, across all channels. UWF is certified and works on all Cisco platforms including UCCE, PCCE, UCCX and HCS, and can be deployed in the cloud or on premise. With a flexible solution, that is easy to deploy and manage you will:

  • Increase satisfaction and delight your customers
  • Enhance productivity and make your agents happy
  • Improve operational processes and deliver real business outcomes

Cisco customers and partners can now enhance the Cisco contact center offering and offer a complete solution with Upstream Works products in the Cisco SolutionsPlus program.

For more information about the Cisco SolutionsPlus program, visit the Cisco partner website.

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