7 Key Decision Points for Implementing an Omnichannel Contact Center

Evaluating CRM in the context of the Omnichannel Customer Experience

If you have a large, formal contact center you require contact center infrastructure that supports other business critical applications, offers channel flexibility, and provides tools for managing large agent and customer populations to improve overall service delivery and customer satisfaction.  Do you look to traditional contact center platforms for this functionality or to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

A common contact center goal is to reduce complexity on the agent desktop. Recently, perhaps because of the prevalence of that goal, there’s been talk in the industry about the possibility of CRM becoming the go-to system for interaction management, essentially taking the place of contact center infrastructure systems. When evaluating this idea, it’s important to understand the value that each platform brings to the table, and to consider how to get the most out of both these systems which represent significant investments in terms of both existing process and infrastructure.

In Upstream Works’ latest whitepaper “7 Key Decision Points for Implementing an Omnichannel Contact Center”, Upstream Works President and CEO, Rob McDougall shares his insights and experience with these platforms based on 30 years of evolution in contact center infrastructure and recent trends in omnichannel flexibility.

Using relatable scenarios and stories, he touches on some thought-provoking ideas relating to the real challenges of using CRM and contact center infrastructure systems. The discussion focuses on seven key considerations:

  1. Business Application Support
  2. Business Tools
  3. Customer Context and ‘Data Leakage’
  4. Agent Experience
  5. Customer Experience
  6. Channel Flexibility
  7. Key Performance Indicators

The whitepaper explores how integration between contact center infrastructure and CRM can improve the agent experience while enhancing the customer experience.

Read the full Whitepaper here.