Intelligent Agent & Customer Experiences

Upstream Works Omnichannel Contact Center Desktop Solutions

Inspire Agents
with a Enhanced Workspace

One omnichannel agent desktop to connect all channels and interactions.

Simplify Workflows
with Seamless Integrations

Connect data with integrations to apps, CRMs, systems and platforms.

Scale & Grow with
Actionable Insights

Get efficient omnichannel management with insights, reports and analytics.

Delight & Personalize CX Engagements

Informed conversations for efficient and personalized customer experiences.

Enhanced Workspace For All Channels

Discover the omnichannel contact center solution that provides an intuitive workspace, omnichannel flexibility and management simplicity. Learn more

Enhanced Agent

All Channels

Knowledge +

Interaction +


Integrate Data,
Apps + CRMs

Reports +


Flexible API

Compliance +

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AI, Bots

Simplify Customer Engagements with Upstream Works Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions

Meet your customers where they are. Upstream Works omnichannel contact center desktop solutions provide customer experiences that turn every client into your biggest fan.

Intelligent + Human

Video, Co-browse and social care provide fast and easy resolutions.

Predictive + Proactive

Reach out to customers and resolve issues before they happen.

Smart + Personalized

Customer data and context for meaningful and informed agent assistance.

Dynamic + Effortless

Advanced unified messaging and conversational engagements.

Connected Customer Experiences Across the Enterprise

The Upstream Works Omnichannel Contact Center desktop solutions were designed to meet the needs of every role and department. We’re here to help you achieve your CX goals, improve engagements and optimize operational efficiency – for agents, supervisors, technology personnel, CX leaders and everyone else at the contact center.

Praise for Upstream Works

Explore how Upstream Works omnichannel contact center solutions are impacting customer care.

Upstream Works is Committed to Your Success

We bring over 15 years of award-winning omnichannel innovation and contact center expertise with best-in-class market solutions. We enable organizations like yours to provide exceptional user experiences that benefit from rewarding customer engagements while leveraging existing investments. Our extensive partner network allows us to provide the benefits and measurable results of our solutions to organizations worldwide.