Agent-First Desktop Solutions, Exceptional Customer Experiences

Enterprise-Ready Omnichannel
Contact Center Desktop Solutions



Exceptional Agent & Customer Experiences Across All Channels

Keep up with changing customer expectations and give your agents an enhanced agent desktop that will empower them to provide personalized, meaningful and efficient service. Better experiences start with Upstream Works omnichannel desktop solutions. 


Agent-First Desktop

Unified agent desktop with productivity tools and visibility of all channels, interactions and applications for personalized CX and improved FCR.

Digital Channel Flexibility

Convenient channel flexibility with voice, email, web chat, messaging, social, video, co-browse, bots, conversational AI, and more.

AI & Business Application Integrations

Integrate with any AI and business application and CRM system to streamline workflows and increase agent efficiency.

Team Management & Collaboration

Simplify team management with the Supervisor Desktop, performance insights, omnichannel Dashboards, and collaboration tools.

Omnichannel Reporting

Improve business outcomes with real-time and historical omnichannel Dashboards, reports and analytics including FCR, CES and bot analytics.

Enterprise-Ready Platform

We offer flexible omnichannel contact center desktop solutions on multiple platforms: Amazon, Cisco, Webex Contact Center and digital only.

Our Technology Partners

We’ve partnered with best-of-breed AI and technology partners to offer innovative and effective solutions that ensure business success. Integrate with any AI application to power agent assistance and conversational AI channels or bring all your data together with business application and CRM integrations.

Our Solution and Reseller Partners

We work with trusted solution and reseller partners around the world to offer comprehensive omnichannel solutions that support innovation and digital transformation. 


Empowered & Productive Agents

Give your agents the tools they need to offer exceptional CX with a unified desktop and full visibility of CX journeys, interactions and data across all channels. Our agent-first desktop removes complexities from agent workflows and enables personalized engagements.

Helping AI Help Agents

Integrate the agent desktop with best-of-breed AI apps without creating new silos. Provide agents with real-time guidance across all channels with our suite of AI capabilities including the AI-powered Virtual Agent Portal for faster resolutions and better FCR.

Intelligent Self-Service & Customer Experiences

Offer convenient self-service and hyper-personalized CX on any channel. Upstream Works’ digital channel flexibility allows you to add channels and offer self-service options like chatbots for anytime support and easy escalations for a seamless customer journey.

Optimize Performance with Reports & Analytics

Upstream Works enables greater efficiency with consistent omnichannel reporting and metrics, including conversational AI and bots. Gain deeper performance insights and make data-driven decisions that will help you improve CX and agent productivity.

Reduce Agent Desktop Complexity

Streamline and automate agent workflows by seamlessly integrating the Upstream Works agent desktop with AI, business apps and CRMs. Give your agents one-click access to all the data they need to provide efficient customer engagements.

Innovation & Cloud Migration Flexibility

Innovate and evolve your contact center while leveraging existing and emerging technology. Our flexible omnichannel solutions allow you to migrate to cloud solutions at your own pace and maintain a consistent agent desktop experience for minimal disruption.


Discover our enterprise-ready, agent-first omnichannel desktop solutions and learn how you can achieve better business results with Upstream Works.