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Upstream Works partners with best-of-breed artificial intelligence (AI) applications to offer our clients a complete AI ecosystem. Integrate with the AI applications of your choice to support self-service, agent guidance, automation, conversational AI channels, and bots – to simplify agent workflows and provide intelligent and personalized customer experiences.

Amazon Lex logo

Amazon Lex provides conversational AI that understands intent, maintains context and automates simple tasks. Utilize the same conversational engine that powers Amazon Alexa to build conversational interfaces using voice and text. Amazon Lex powers self-service chatbots, IVR, and automated responses and tasks.

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Amelia Logo

Amelia serves as a virtual agent with human-like capabilities. Amelia provides conversational AI and AIOps that utilize natural language processing to handle complex customer issues in real time, taking on high-volume and repeat tasks so human agents can focus on inquiries that require more personalized care.

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Google’s conversational AI powers voicebots and chatbots that serve as virtual agents. Dialogflow utilizes BERT-based natural language understanding models that accurately recognize intent and context, even in complex use cases.

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IBM Watson logo

Watson Assistant is a chatbot that automates tasks across voice and digital channels to reduce agents’ workloads so they can focus on more complex customer issues. Watson supports customer self-service, agent guidance and contact center insights.

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Microsoft AI Logo

Microsoft’s Azure AI offers AI-enabled virtual agents and machine learning that understands customer patterns and trends. With Azure, companies can handle higher call volumes and gain insights into customer sentiment.

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Rulai Logo

Rulai provides conversational AI that serves as a chatbot to automate interactions and reduce volume from live agents. The chatbot framework includes a messaging connector, natural language processes and a dialog manager.

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Simplifai Logo

Simplifai enables end-to-end automation through intelligent process automation (IPA). Their AI technology can be used to power emailbots or chatbots that use natural language processing to automate interactions while supporting and interacting with human agents.

Visit Simplifai provides an AI-powered solution that measures the effectiveness of agent-customer video interactions by analyzing non-verbal cues, vocal meaning, and context. They also provide valuable insights that enable more effective training and productivity improvements.

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Uniphore provides conversational AI and automation for enterprise contact centers. They offer self-service AI channels, agent guidance, task automation and actionable insights. Uniphore’s AI uses robotic process automation (RPA) to understand intent and sentiment and decipher multiple languages.

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