Upstream Works Desktop for Digital Workers

Tailored for Digital Workers

Providing great CX means having consistency throughout the enterprise. Upstream Works Desktop for digital workers unifies Front Office, Back Office and Contact Center operations to improve customer experiences, remove silos and streamline processes.

Unify CX Engagements Across the Enterprise

The Upstream Works Desktop is designed for digital workers in the Back Office and Contact Center. The unified desktop with enhanced productivity tools provides full visibility into customer interactions across all digital channels. With productivity tools like the Virtual Agent Portal, Upstream Works Assist knowledge management system and seamless integrations to multiple business applications and CRMs, back office and digital workers are able to provide excellent CX while streamlining workflows.

UWD Main Screen
UWD Chat with Marquee

Digital Channel Flexibility

Empower back office and digital workers with continuous engagements across all messaging channels. The Upstream Works Desktop connects all digital channels, including email, webchat, SMS, messaging, social, Smart Chat, and bots. Easily transfer, consult and conference tasks across Web Chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, TwitterDM, WhatsApp, WeChat, and more. Add new messaging channels as your business grows and changes.

Equip Contact Center Digital Agents with the Right Tools

Digital transformation is about more than adding new channels – it also means providing Contact Center agents with the right tools to ensure an effortless customer experience at every touchpoint. With Upstream Works Desktop, digital agents get a unified view of each customer and easy access to pertinent data, allowing them to improve engagements on every digital channel.

The Digital Desktop also supports:
• Full visibility of all customer interactions and cases
• Full context-data for the Back Office and Contact Center
• Connected tasks and digital channels
• Upstream Works Assist knowledge management and guidance

UWD Solutions Working from Home
UWD Working from Home

Optimize Digital Engagements in the Back Office

Back Office operations serve a vital purpose within organizations in any industry, from administrative customer support to order fulfillment, transaction processing and dispute resolution. Modernize the Back Office with digital tools that increase efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction.

The Upstream Works Desktop gives Back Office customer support advisors the same tools and capabilities as agents in the Contact Center, including:

• Tracking of all customer-related interactions
• Priority work item allocation to all employees
• Email, digital and social channel capabilities
• Full management reporting capabilities

Streamlined Team Communications

Staying in touch with digital teams has never been so easy. Supervisors and team leaders can easily send out Marquee announcements that will be displayed directly on workers’ desktops. Team chat provides real-time messaging to keep the lines of communication open between teams and their supervisors. Consult and coach remotely – directly from the Upstream Works Desktop.

UWD agent
UWD desktop

Enhanced Productivity Tools Streamline Processes Across the Enterprise

Empower digital workers with a full view of customer interactions across all channels and associated digital activities.

FollowUp: FollowUp offers an effective way to create and manage follow up digital activities related to tasks – and can be linked to Interaction History and improves follow-through on CX commitments.

Case, Email and Social Allocations: Task management is improved with real-time management and smart routing of work items that can be tracked for each customer or CRM case.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Automate tasks by integrating data between business applications and the Upstream Works Desktop to reduce manual work tasks and streamline processes.


Management Reporting & Analytics

The Supervisor Desktop makes managing digital teams easy with real-time stats and details across digital channels. Improve operational agility with comprehensive management reports and performance data for all channels and tasks, including:

• Real-time and historical reports for all channels and tasks
• Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics
• Analytics and actionable insights across departments