Transform CX with a Continuous Customer Journey for all Interactions.

Offer Your Customers Flexibility and Convenience

For customer engagement to foster brand loyalty and social accolades, it must be effortless and dynamic – with a human touch. It needs to provide true omnichannel capabilities while offering options for simple self-service.

A True Omnichannel Customer Experience

Connect and engage with your customers on any channel they choose – voice, email, web chat, SMS, messaging, social, video, co-browse, smart chat, bots, and more.

But true omnichannel is about more than simply offering these channel options. It means providing SLAs, queuing, real-time monitoring, and cross-channel management and reporting. It means providing agents with a dedicated desktop that integrates all channels and interactions – for a consistent and measurable customer and agent experience.

Customer Smiling seeing the phone

Unified Conversations and Digital Messaging

A customer’s conversation with your brand is rarely a single path. It might start with a bot, move to an agent-assisted chat, continue the next day via a phone call and co-browse to fill out a form, and finish with sending in some supporting documents via email. Make sure the context from the entire journey is captured, leveraged, and shared for a CX that is seamless, consistent, and effective.

Unified Digital Messaging (UDM) seamlessly integrates with Webex Connect for easy, consistent and continuous conversations across multiple platforms, including SMS, WhatsApp Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, and third-party bots.

With Upstream Works’ Unified Digital Messaging, agents and customers enjoy a continuous conversation across messaging platforms for a truly seamless experience.

AgentNow for Instant CX On Demand

AgentNow provides a fast and convenient way to digitally connect customers with qualified contact center agents through Unified Communications (UC) platforms like Webex or Microsoft Azure Communications Services (ACS), and using a mix of video, audio and chat.

Provide instant access to service with on-demand agents that can support in-person staff during peak periods. AgentNow allows customers needing assistance to quickly connect with an agent by scanning a QR code or through a simple web interface on a mobile device and selecting face-to-face video engagements, voice or chat, and easily transition across channels for a seamless conversation.

Agent seeing video screen

Webex Video and Co-Browse CX Engagements

The Upstream Works Desktop seamlessly integrates with Webex Video to enable face-to-face engagements. Upstream Works Smart Chat leverages Webex Meetings Video API to empower video agents to provide easy escalations and meaningful interactions. With Smart Chat and Webex Video, customers and agents can escalate chat interactions to chats with audio or chats with video for smooth and continuous conversations.

Upstream Works Co-browse enables real-time, secure collaboration between customers and agents. Navigate the web together – follow your customer or you can guide them. Enhance engagements with easier guidance and better support by working together to fill in forms, change settings, purchase items, and more.

Effective Work-From-Home Solutions and High-level CX

As more contact centers are embracing a remote workforce, Upstream Works makes it easy to maximize productivity while maintaining high-level CX through operational flexibility, enhanced collaboration tools and ease of management.

With the Upstream Works intuitive Agent Desktop, agents have remote access to everything they need to assist customers quickly and effectively across all channels. Managing teams is easy — supervisors can send out real-time team communications and leverage reports, analytics and CX insights for on-the-fly resource management. Our flexible licensing model supports dynamic business needs, like changing staff loads and shifting schedules. Learn more. 

WFH – Effective work from home CX
Agent seeing the dashboard

Personalized and Proactive Customer Experience

With rich context at their fingertips – for all channels and conversations – agents can humanize the customer experience for deeper connections that foster greater customer loyalty.

With Upstream Works, personalization doesn’t just mean knowing the customer’s name when they reach out – it’s understanding their history, it’s being able to read or listen to previous conversations, it’s being able to predict with confidence what they are likely to call about next, and it’s about knowing their preferences and patterns engaging with your brand.

Self-Service and Human Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots optimize customer experience and self-service, quickly answering routine questions and assisting with simple transactions. For more complicated engagements requiring a human touch, customers need agents to be experts – knowledgeable and ready to solve issues that have escalated in complexity.

Upstream Works makes sure that the handoff from bot to agent is seamless – with the full bot transcript presented with the escalation, enabling the human agent to easily take over from where the bot left off. When done right, bots support not just a great customer experience, but an agent one too.

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Social Customer Care

Effective Social Care can provide insights into customer sentiment and valuable feedback on products and services, as well as offering customers a channel for communications that is quickly becoming a preferred method of contact. Upstream Works enables social care teams to monitor and escalate social posts to the contact center with messaging and listening for:

  • Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more

Upstream Works Social Care ensures a continuous experience across all channels in your contact center and across your organization.

The Channel-less Digital Experience

Delivering on the omnichannel promise means ensuring a singularly exceptional customer experience across any channel – providing easy resolutions whether it’s a phone call, email, chat, SMS, messaging, co-browse, social, chatbot, or a new channel in the future.

Give your customers omnichannel convenience and improve business outcomes, including:

  • Increase Customer Choice
  • Report on Customer Activity Across All Channels
  • Flexibility to Easily Add Channels
Group Meeting

Personalized Customer Experience

When a customer emails, chats, calls, messages, reaches out – they want to be greeted personally and recognized for their previous interactions, choices, and entire journey with the organization. No one has time to repeat themselves and keep tabs on which agent they spoke with last and what was said.

Upstream Works equips agents with a complete view of the customer’s journey through the Interaction Activity Workspace. Full context, Interaction History, and visibility into tasks-in-flight give agents the information they need to provide exceptional customer experiences.

With Upstream Works, agent efficiency increases, including:

  • Reduce Repeat Contacts
  • Shorten Handle Times
  • Pick, Preview, Reserve, and Swap between Tasks for Responsive and Proactive Service