Upstream Works Supervisor Desktop for Omnichannel Management

Proactive Contact Center Team Management

Achieve proactive and responsive management with Upstream Works contact center Supervisor Desktop. Get a level of visibility and control that enables easy management of agents and teams. Maximize efficiency and optimize employee engagement.

Simple Omnichannel Management

Optimize and improve contact center performance and operational efficiency with increased visibility to all voice and digital channels, with detailed real-time and historical statistics.

The Upstream Works Supervisor Desktop provides an intuitive, flexible and tailored user experience with advanced capabilities like drill-downs, filters, resource controls, and operational views for timely and proactive contact center management.

Two agents on computers
Supervisor screen desktop

Improve Effectiveness with Data in Real-Time

View, leverage, and optimize contact center performance with real-time supervisor visibility of queues, skills, and performance. The Upstream Works Supervisor Desktop offers flexible views and filtering, with actionable agent and team insights. Supervisors can easily monitor results and discover opportunities for agent improvement and increased customer satisfaction.

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On-the-fly Smart Resource Management

Flexibility is key to effective resource management during peak times, resource challenges, and natural fluctuations in the contact center. Easily take action and make on-the-fly adjustments to operations with Upstream Works contact center Supervisor Desktop. Leverage the rich data to quickly identify opportunities for improvement, view and modify agent state for real-time management, and monitor conversations for top quality engagements.

Empower Agent Performance

Deepen employee engagement and boost productivity by providing agents with visibility to their own performance. Agents can readily view their current stats and details, and compare their performance to their peers. Agents are kept up to date and are empowered to self-manage and take action with Upstream Works ‘My Stats’ Agent Views.

Omnichannel Dashboards for Fast & Easy Access to Data

The Agent and Supervisor Dashboards provide a visual display of pre-set omnichannel KPIs and metrics with real-time status views or historical trends, including First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Customer Effort Score (CES). Visual KPI data is shown in multiple formats making it easy to focus and take action. Agents and Supervisors can group and filter KPIs, enabling them to monitor key metrics and make fast, data-based decisions to improve performance.

Deeper Insights to Power Your Team

Upstream Works makes it easy for contact center leaders to measure, manage, and improve contact center performance and customer experience. Upstream Works Supervisor Desktop complements a full suite of contact center management capabilities that help organizations keep their teams engaged and operating at peak performance.