Improve Patient Experiences

Upstream Works Integrated Healthcare Solutions

Give your patients personalized engagements with Upstream Works omnichannel contact center solutions for healthcare providers. Integrate the Upstream Works agent desktop with Epic to improve workflow efficiencies and offer hyper-personalized patient experiences across any channel.

Upstream Works Omnichannel Healthcare Solution

The Upstream Works agent desktop seamlessly integrates with Epic to provide easy and fast access to patient information like upcoming appointments and primary care provider details. This integration ensures healthcare providers have all the information they need to provide the best care possible to their patients and communities.

With Upstream Works, healthcare providers can:

  • Improve patient engagements
  • Streamline workflows with easy access to patient information
  • Improve efficiency for healthcare providers when accessing health records and information like upcoming appointments and primary care provider details
  • Optimize interactions with visibility of the patient journey across all channels
Conversation between contact center agent, doctor and patient

Personalize Patient Care with the Enhanced Agent Desktop

The unified agent desktop provides visibility of the patient journey across all channels, including vital information like contact details and active and historical interactions, allowing agents to provide proactive and personalized patient experiences.

With visibility of patient context-data, healthcare providers can streamline workflows, increase operational efficiency and offer fast resolutions.

Desktop Main screen
Agent talking

Innovation and AI-Powered Engagements

The AI-powered Virtual Agent Portal (VAP) provides a dedicated workspace on the Upstream Works desktop that integrates with your artificial intelligence (AI) applications of choice to assist agents. Provide personalized recommendations during each interaction, automate routine tasks and allow healthcare teams to focus on what matters most – your patients.

Chatbot integrations enable effortless engagements and easy escalations to human agents based on intent. Agents will have visibility of the patient journey including chatbot transcripts so they can provide a better patient experience.

Convenient Patient Self-Service and Digital Experiences

Offer your patients convenient channel options, from intuitive self-service channels to their choice of agent-assisted channels. Upstream Works’ digital channels allow healthcare teams to build trust and provide deeper and more meaningful interactions with context and visibility of the patient’s journey.

Web Chat

Web Chat provides patients with effortless interactions in real-time.

Unified Digital Messaging

Unified Digital Messaging enables seamless conversations across messaging applications, including, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Smart Chat, and more.

Video Engagements

Video engagements enable face-to-face interactions, enabling mutual understanding and deeper connections.


With Co-browse, healthcare providers can assist patients with navigating webpages and filling out forms during shared browsing experiences.

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Empower Healthcare Providers with Integrated Solutions

Give your staff the tools they need to provide high-level support at every touchpoint. Our integrated platform streamlines workflows and eliminates the need to switch between windows and tabs.

Seamlessly integrate with AI applications, business applications and CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce to bring all the data and resources healthcare providers need in one desktop. With additional productivity and collaboration tools, your staff will be empowered to provide fast, accurate and personalized resolutions.

Reliable and Secure Engagements with Solution Flexibility

Providing reliable and secure patient engagements is of the utmost importance to us. We help healthcare providers operate in a GDPR or CCPA compliant way, and we are SOC 2 compliant and offer enterprise-level security.

Upstream Works offers on-premise and cloud solutions with the ability to easily add channels, integrations and teams as needed, and evolve and innovate with new technologies like AI.

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