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Learn how Uptsream Work transformed United Airlines CX and EX on the Telecom Reseller Podcast

Upstream Works Transforms United Airlines Passenger, Agent CX and EX

Rob McDougall, CEO of Upstream Works, joins Doug Green on the Telecom Reseller podcast to discuss how we are helping clients apply AI technologies to deliver great contact center and customer experiences. McDougall shares how Upstream Works is helping United Airlines with remote agent solutions to transform the way agents and customers interact.

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Supercharge and Innovate Your Contact Center, Upstream Works Podcast

A long pandemic and a compressed era of rapid change has seen the contact center change beyond recognition into a hybrid or remote operation. At the same moment, contact centers are more critical than ever to many companies as their main human-to-human connection to customers, vendors, partners and the public. And to make matters more urgent, the Great Resignation creates novel staffing challenges to a field that historically struggles with agent churn. 

In this podcast, Jeff Palmer, CRO of Upstream Works, provides an overview of the challenges and trends in this space and outlines how Upstream Works has been developing solutions to not only face those challenges but to “supercharge” the contact center with innovations that will improve customer and agent experiences. We learn how this can be achieved and how Upstream Works leverages existing infrastructure investments. 

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Unified Digital Conversations and Customer Experience

Join Upstream Works President and CEO Rob McDougall for a discussion with Doug Green of Telecom Reseller, on conversational experiences and their potential to set your brand apart and position you for success. The effective use of emerging channels, bots, and machine learning are discussed, including sharing use cases for AI, and its impact on agents in the contact center. McDougall discusses the value of good data, and that having access to this data can power opportunities for personalized, proactive, and predictive conversations.  

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Rethink Customer Engagement for Greater Lifetime Value

In this podcast, Rob McDougall of Upstream Works discusses with Doug Green of Telecom Reseller, what’s required to successfully develop an engagement model that meets customer demand for channel flexibility and a connected, continuous experience. Key tenets of an optimal CX are discussed including effective self-service options and bots, and proactive, personalized agent assistance.  McDougall highlights how Upstream Works on Finesse helps businesses compete based on the CX they offer, while successfully balancing cost and innovation.

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The CX Business Case for Long Term Impact and Value 

In this podcast, Rob McDougall of Upstream Works discusses with Doug Green of Telecom Reseller, the business benefits of offering exceptional, repeatable customer experiences across the organization. McDougall suggests that digital transformation is often perceived as disruptive and costly – but that it needn’t be. He discusses viable alternatives to a rip and replace strategy, including Upstream Works on Finesse on Cisco platforms, and highlights some of the typical, measurable impacts it has on productivity, costs, and ROI.

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Digital Workforce Transformation in the Contact Center

Rob McDougall, President and CEO of Upstream Works discusses with Doug Green of Telecom Reseller, how a successful approach to digital workforce transformation must balance agent optimization tools with customer care. McDougall shares insights on the key to agent success including the importance of proactive service, and having the knowledge and insight to take action. Learn how Upstream Works on Finesse can help with its single agent desktop, omnichannel management, and flexible integration model.

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Integration is Key to Customer Experience Transformation 

Upstream Works President and CEO Rob McDougall discusses with Doug Green of Telecom Reseller, strategies for how to integrate the key databases, channels, and applications that are core to designing and executing a customer experience strategy that is both achievable and drives real business value.  Learn how Upstream Works on Finesse can help with its API Integration Model that enables solution flexibility and customized integrations.