Reports & Analytics

Go Deep on Contact Center Insights

Successful customer experiences are powered by accurate and meaningful contact center reports and analytics. Upstream Works does all the heavy lifting by delivering action-ready information about the customer journey, including preferences, channel activity, and team and agent success.

Meaningful Contact Center Metrics and Analytics

Upstream Works reports include the systematic analysis of data from various information sources, turning numbers and statistics into valuable business insights. We enable supervisors, management and business leaders to act on important insights so they can improve contact center efficiency and business outcomes.

Upstream Works provides the following key contact center metrics:

  • Agent Solve Rates
  • First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  • Standard and Critical Service Levels
  • Omnichannel Transfers for all channels
  • Operational Dimensions
  • Business Dimensions
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Standard Key Performance Indicators for All Channels

Upstream Works empowers contact centers to leverage data to identify gaps and performance issues. With Upstream Works contact center reports, organizations can stay informed on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with quantifiable measurements, such as durations, counts, averages, percentages, and more

Optimize Performance with Conversation Insights

Upstream Works reports are easily accessible. Our solutions include a rich set of real-time and historical reports into all conversation data. Leverage the extensive set of convenient standard reports to access mission-critical information available.

Upstream Works includes the following Standard Historical Reports:

  • Business Reports
  • Operational Skills Reports
  • Transfer Reports
  • Detail Reports
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Extend Upstream Works Reporting Data with Integrations

Many contact centers tailor their reporting experience by leveraging Upstream Works data to generate feeds, run their own queries or use third-party reporting platforms for data manipulation.

Upstream Works provides a schema, set of views and stored procedures that are readily accessible to contact center management. Meet business and reporting needs with:

  • Customer Data Marts
  • Custom Reports
  • Report Platforms
  • WFM Feeds
  • Wallboards

Through integrations, Upstream Works can pull data from connected systems, complimentary applications and databases into its own set of reports, including Workforce Management, Quality Monitoring, CRM, Marketing and Legacy Applications.

Real-Time Omnichannel Management

Get proactive and responsive contact center management with up-to-date information on agent and team performance. Upstream Works provides one intuitive interface for voice and digital channels, offering a flexible and tailored experience for Supervisors. This enables increased visibility with drill-down to details for all channels with real-time, daily and historical statistics. By accessing this information, Supervisors can take action and make on-the-fly adjustments to operations for effective resource management.

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Improve Business Outcomes with Customer Journey Metrics

Upstream Works provides contact centers with everything they need to know about their customers. From Contact Reason to detailed information about the entire customer journey, contact centers can access data that will help them identify opportunities for improvement, including Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Effort Scores (CES). Understanding your customers and their journey as they interact with your business will help you improve performance, retention rates and overall revenue.