Accelerate Innovation & Deliver Consistent CX

Easy Contact Center Software Integrations

Our enterprise contact center solutions seamlessly integrate with innovative third-party applications, partnering with industry leaders to streamline mission-critical data. Our contact center software integrations enrich customer information and make it accessible across the enterprise.

Seamless and Extensive Integrations

Seamless & Extensive Integrations

The Upstream Works system can be integrated to multiple backend applications, enhancing their functionality with screen pop, click-to-dial, data exchange, and more. Increase agent effectiveness with one-click access from the Upstream Works Desktop to multiple business applications and CRM systems. Streamline workflows for faster and more efficient resolutions.

Flexible CX Integrations

Make the Upstream Works solutions work for your contact center, no matter the size, industry or geography. Whether your business has complex software integrations or requires a tailored approach, our flexible integration strategy enables organizations to integrate best-of-breed applications, including open SaaS, on-premise and cloud applications.

Flexible CX Integrations
UW Integrations

Integrations for Better Agent & Customer Engagement

With our contact center integrations, agents are empowered to further personalize and streamline the customer experience. The Agent Desktop places all integrations, including applications, systems, CRMs and databases, in a single desktop view to bring everything together in an elegant suite. This extends desktop functionality by placing everything contact center agents need in one place, keeping them engaged and allowing them to provide better customer engagements.

With the new Virtual Agent Portal and integration of your AI applications, contact centers can increase agent efficiency and reduce customer effort.

Unified Desktop View for Optimized Agent Experience

Unify all your systems and processes with the Upstream Works unified desktop view. Agents will have quick and easy access to all customer information with robust capabilities at their fingertips, including click-to-dial, application screen pop and data exchange between applications. Agents become more efficient, productive and informed.

With all your data and systems together in one view – including CRMs, call recording platforms, scheduling systems, vertical and legacy applications, AI applications and more – it’s easy to maximize the value of your business applications to provide an informed and personalized customer experience.

Woman looking at her desktop screen
Agent providing customer service on head piece

Integrate Voice & Digital Channels for a True Omnichannel Strategy

Customers may reach out across multiple channels when engaging with a brand. Whether they’re on social media, chat, phone, or interacting with a bot, their issues need to be handled effectively.

With Upstream Works, omnichannel integration means providing a channel-less experience. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), reports and analytics give contact centers accurate and predictive measurements of channel activity and performance. Upstream Works combines all channels, interactions and applications across all lines of business.

Add Any Channel, Any Time

Upstream Works omnichannel solutions give businesses the flexibility to start with the channels they need and add others when they are ready. Voice, Email, Web Chat, SMS, Messaging, Social, Video, Co-browse, Bots, Conversational AI, and more, are supported and readily available to incorporate for a seamless customer experience.

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Integration Flexibility and APIs

Integrate once for all your digital channels – now or in the future. Start with what you need and grow at your own pace. The Upstream Works integration toolkit includes a comprehensive set of APIs or connectors to allow third-party applications to easily hook into our product.

Application screen-pop can be configured for any business system, including current or legacy business applications, local, web or virtual. Upstream Works’ enterprise contact center software integrations provide maximum flexibility so that you can achieve your specific business goals in your own timeframe, no matter how complex or varied.

You choose the channels and application integrations that you need. Flexible deployment models allow you to simply pick a redundancy option and SQL model that aligns with your requirements and budget. With Upstream Works, you always have a choice.