Upstream Works Omni AI Hub

Operationalize AI & Accelerate Contact Center Innovation

Upstream Works Omni AI Hub Powers
Transcriptions, Summarization, Intent, Sentiment & Escalations

The Upstream Works Omni AI Hub provides a centralized framework and suite of AI capabilities that operationalize AI, accelerate innovation, and enable contact center automation. With conversation summaries, transcriptions, sentiment, intent, and escalations, Omni AI Hub powers virtual customer self-service and intuitive agent assistance for exceptional and efficient experiences. The Upstream Works Omni AI Hub connects, orchestrates and operationalizes your choice of AI, and features the AI Messaging Link, Agent Assist, Assist Knowledge, and Performance Analytics.

AI Flexibility

The Omni AI Hub provides contact centers with the flexibility to choose their AI, including native Upstream Works AI operating on-premise and cloud (VPC), coming soon, and third-party AI to power virtual customer assistance and agent assistance. With fully integrated AI and agent desktop solutions, on-premise and cloud contact centers can quickly augment productivity and gain efficiency.


AI Messaging Link – Virtual Customer Assistant

The AI Messaging Link is a virtual customer assistant that connects Upstream Works Unified Digital Messaging (UDM) channels with your choice of bots to provide interactive self-service engagements. The third-party bots of your choice will interface with UDM channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, X DM and Facebook Messenger, to interact conversationally with customers.

The AI Messaging Link has the flexibility to utilize one or multiple bots across messaging channels; supports rich media including quick reply buttons, images, date pickers, and forms; provides seamless escalations to an agent; and saves chat transcripts in Interaction History.

AI-Powered Agent Assist – Transcriptions, Summarization, Intent, Sentiment & Escalations

Upstream Works Agent Assist provides real-time, AI-powered guidance to agents and contact center automation across voice, messaging and email* channels. Integrate with the AI application of your choice to power conversation summaries, transcriptions, customer sentiment and intent. Agent Assist also integrates with knowledge, including Upstream Works Assist, to provide content suggestions during customer interactions.


AI-Enabled Assist Knowledge

Provide agents with informative articles and content suggestions with Upstream Works Assist knowledge management or integrate with third-party knowledge. Our centralized and consistent omnichannel knowledge is AI-enabled to provide agents with summaries and responses.

AI Performance Analytics & A/B Tests

Optimize your AI with the Omni AI Hub. Our performance analytics include A/B testing of multiple AI providers and A/B test reports. Report and evaluate bot performance with the same consistent metrics as human agents, including average handle time (AHT), first contact resolution (FCR), solve rate and transfer reporting.


Enterprise-Ready & Platform Choice

Upstream Works Omni AI Hub and desktop solutions are secure, scalable, flexible, and easy to manage. Our solutions are SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant.

Omni AI Hub is available on all platforms supported by our solutions, including Amazon Connect, Cisco Finesse, Webex Contact Center and digital-only desktop solutions.

*Omni AI Hub support for email currently requires a third-party integration. Upstream Works email AI will be available in 2025.

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