Balancing Innovation while Continuing to Deliver CX Excellence


Today, customers expect a simplified, personalized experience across every interaction and every channel when they engage with an organization. In the contact center industry, providing a low-effort, optimized experience is no longer a competitive differentiator – it’s a necessity to survive.

Developing your digital experience platform may seem challenging. After all, you don’t want to disrupt your current operations or negatively impact the customer experience you are working so hard to provide. It’s critical that you strike a balance between innovation and day-to-day service delivery.

Do you have the capabilities and tools to build a competitive, future-proof contact center infrastructure while continuing to deliver a personalized, connected customer experience?


  • Multiple systems, data protection, privacy concerns and automation trends
  • Best practices for improving agent and customer engagement across all channels
  • Leveraging what you have across the enterprise: people, data, systems
  • Constantly changing customer landscape and behaviors
  • Emerging technologies and the balance between human touch and self-service

Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) provides a single agent desktop that connects interactions and information across all channels for an improved CX that evolves with the needs of the contact center.

We leverage the applications important to your organization, ensuring you get the most value out of them with an effortless agent and customer experience. With our analytics and business reporting, you will have deep insights into interaction activity and the tools to help you identify service improvement opportunities across all channels.

See Upstream Works for Finesse in action. Request a personalized product walkthrough.

Upstream Works Team 
Transforming Agent and Customer Engagements

Upstream Works provides Omnichannel Contact Center solutions to increase customer engagement and agent success. Upstream Works for Finesse brings the customer journey together with a Single Agent Desktop that seamlessly connects all channels, interactions and applications. Organizations gain actionable insights with full context, Interaction Activity, History and Reporting across the enterprise, enabling a consistently excellent customer experience. |

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