Co-Browse With Upstream Works

A shared web-browsing experience for collaborative CX

Enhance CX with Fast and Secure Shared Browsing

Provide your customers with a reliable, secure browsing experience with Upstream Works Co-browse. Connect Co-browse to your Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) omnichannel contact center solution to empower agents to collaborate with customers so they can browse together for personalized and fast real-time resolutions.

Personalized Engagements On Any Live Channel

With Upstream Works Co-browse, sharing a web browsing experience with customers is easy and simple. To start a Co-browse session, agents simply click a button to share a link with customers for a collaborative browsing experience from any web application. Click, browse and reach resolutions easier, together.

Personalized customer engagements
contact center remote collaboration

Speedy, Real-Time Resolutions

Upstream Works Co-browse feels like an in-person experience with the convenience of remote collaboration, seamless connection and effortless guidance. Agents can provide effective customer care by illustrating concepts first-hand in real-time, advising clients online, and showing product features to increase First Contact Resolution (FCR).

Private and Secure Collaboration

Upstream Works is committed to providing safe and secure solutions. Through the Co-browse experience, only a browser screen is shared, ensuring agents are unable to access customers’ desktops without their approval. Sensitive data input by customers can be masked and no data is stored during shared web-browsing sessions.

secure shared browsing CX

Key Features and Benefits of Co-Browse:

contact center web browsing integration

Ease of Integration

Upstream Works Co-browse solution can run on all browsers and devices with flexibility to seamlessly integrate into your web application and website look and feel. No software installation or configuration is required.

Learn more about how Upstream Works Co-browse can help you achieve faster and more personalized customer engagements.