Customer Experience Management: Are You Optimizing CX Journeys?


Customer Experience Management is the means by which an organization captures, measures, evaluates, and acts on all customer experiences, across all touchpoints on the customer journey.

There are so many different types of customer experiences today compared to even ten years ago. When a customer is engaging with a brand, they could be: walking into a brick and mortar store, researching brands on social media, taking online surveys after making a purchase, interacting with a bot on their tablet, having an old school phone conversation, and uploading their consciousness to the cloud (ok maybe we’re not quite there yet).

All of these interactions are pinpoints on a customer journey map that are (or should be) connected in order to effectively manage the customer experience.

Different providers come at it from their particular angle or area of expertise – they might have an interaction data focus, or a web activity tracking focus, or perhaps a surveys and CSAT focus. There’s a lot of information to collect, distill, organize, and leverage – often it’s more than an organization knows how to handle.

Upstream Works takes an integration approach to Customer Experience Management, leveraging our open APIs to connect and exchange information with best-of-breed providers, backend databases, legacy systems, and vertical specific applications – connecting anything and everything that makes up the whole of the customer experience.

We can combine and leverage CX data from all channels – digital and voice – as well as from CRM applications like Salesforce or Dynamics, survey tools, reporting and analytics dashboards like Aceyus, workforce engagement management solutions like ZOOM, social monitoring applications like Local Measure, and digital marketing solutions like Adobe Marketing Cloud and Selligent. Our integrations help brands identify connections between customer sentiment, customer behavior, and business results by leveraging applications like CloudCherry – and our feature rich desktop provides the means to quickly act, influencing and shaping the customer journey. There are other sources of data that are critical to include in a customer experience management strategy, including legacy and custom applications, and even white mail. Only when you tap into all the available information do you get a complete picture of the customer experience, which is the first and most important step in improving it.

Upstream Works leverages data from all sources through an open integration model to help organizations unlock critical data that empowers them to offer insightful, efficient, high quality customer engagements that result in better business outcomes. Contact us for a demo or to learn more about how we help organizations like yours achieve your CX management goals.