CX Satisfaction Starts with Your Brand Advocates

It’s National Customer Service Week and we’re recognizing and applauding the efforts of all brand advocates – whether agents, SMEs, service reps, or case workers. It’s a great time to consider the conversations your brand is having with its customers. Who’s engaging with them? Are the conversations productive? Is it a consistent experience across departments? Do your knowledge workers have the right tools to give a great CX? Remaining competitive means offering a great customer experience that is consistent and convenient for everyone involved – across the entire enterprise.

In order to effectively blur the traditional boundaries of the contact center without losing consistency and continuity, there needs to be a mechanism for sharing information – across departments, between systems, and among individuals. Precious interaction data needs to be combined with CRM records and line of business insights, as well as shared institutional knowledge so that customers receive a seamless and informed experience every time they interact with your brand.

The Importance of Integration

As organizations become increasingly committed to offering continuous service across multiple channels, in other words, a channel-less customer experience, the infrastructure needs to shift to align with that strategy.

First, there are the channels themselves – usually spanning multiple best-of-breed vendors and multiple systems to manage the interactions, whether it’s telephony, web chat, SMS, social media, etc. Gaining consistency across all the channels can be a daunting task.

Then there are the multitude of applications that are used every day: CRMs, legacy systems, proprietary systems, ticketing systems, WFM, QM, etc. There is an immense amount of critical data contained therein that could be put to work, popping onto agent screens or available with the click of a button – empowering your representatives to provide insightful, proactive service for an impressive CX.

And then there are the departments using those systems day in and day out. Those departments have line of business insights which could be so useful to other departments involved in those accounts in other capacities. They operate in near silos but with much overlap in terms of the customers they’re interacting with and a need for a complete picture in order to give those customers a seamless and consistent experience.

The most economical and effective way to provide the consistency needed across the organization, and also the least disruptive way, is to leverage existing systems and integrate. Think of the agent desktop as the anchor, given that it’s the central hub of your customer interactions. With one central spot to connect the systems that collectively house your customer data, the information needed in order to deliver a seamless, connected experience is a click away – or an automatic screen pop at the opportune moment.

The Value of Shared Insights

The importance of shared insights cannot be overstated. Being in tune with customer behaviors, preferences, patterns, and trends means having cross-functional customer data and an increase in customer engagement opportunities. Shared insights enable every customer interaction to be more personalized, with more timely offers. A quick glance at the order history and that agent now has the power to be proactive with an upsell, and the power to personalize the entire experience so that customer feels valued. When customers feel valued by your organization, not only are they likely to spend more with your brand, but they are also more likely to rave about their experience, become a brand advocate, and unwittingly become your best advertising.

Upstream Works can help you tap into new opportunities and unlock the power of the valuable customer data across your enterprise through its customer experience solutions that integrate with your existing legacy systems, CRMs, databases, proprietary applications, and more. Your omnichannel contact center solution can do all the heavy lifting, leaving your agents to focus on engaging with customers in meaningful ways that generate more business and more revenue for your organization. Contact us for a personalized demo of our omnichannel single agent desktop so that together, we can start changing the conversation.