The Connected Customer Experience – Can You Deliver?

How Upstream Works helps organizations like yours deliver
on the promise of a transformed CX

Customers don’t expect to be wowed. But they do expect an experience where, at any given moment, they are recognized, understood, and provided with quick and seamless resolution to their issues and requests. They are looking for an easy, personalized, connected and consistent Customer Experience (CX).

Are you doing what it takes to deliver a CX that deepens engagement and ensures customer loyalty?

  • Can your customers contact you on any channel, whenever they choose?
  • Do your agents have visibility and context of your customer interactions and journeys?
  • Can agents quickly resolve issues, with full information across the organization?
  • Are you able to consistently measure success across all interactions and channels?
  • Do you know why your customers are contacting you?

To transform every customer experience across your organization, your agents need a rich user interface, robust integrations, and a simplified framework that doesn’t add cost and complexity to your overall contact center infrastructure.

Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) provides:

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Upstream Works Team 

Upstream Works provides Omnichannel Contact Center solutions to increase customer engagement and agent success. Upstream Works for Finesse brings the customer journey together with a Single Agent Desktop that seamlessly connects all channels, interactions and applications. Organizations gain actionable insights with full context, Interaction Activity, History and Reporting across the enterprise, enabling a consistently excellent customer experience. |

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