Empowered Agents Can Transform the Customer Experience

Improving CX starts with your Agents.
Set them up for success with Upstream Works.X

When we talk about agent success, we’re talking about giving agents the tools that allow them to work smarter and be more proactive, personal, and successful.

Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) is a single workspace for simplified handling of all contacts, queues, and interactions. It empowers agents for an improved and continuous customer experience with:

  • One Omnichannel Agent Desktop that is easy to use
  • Full visibility into all tasks in progress across the customer journey
  • Unified tracking of all interactions across channels
  • Consistent tools and processes for all channels

Boosting agent success and simplifying customer engagement starts with the agent desktop. UWF is a workspace that enables you to get the most out of your team, with a tool that is simple and intuitive to use. The desktop connects all channels for a consistently great customer experience, and it provides your agents with a single view of the entire customer journey and full interaction history.

With its seamless integration, UWF helps agents leverage and access the applications they use every day for maximum efficiency and value. Management can consistently track, monitor and analyze metrics across all channels for improved business outcomes.

Learn how to simplify and improve agent and customer engagement through our on-demand webinars: www.upstreamworks.com/webinars/

Upstream Works Team
Transforming Agent and Customer Engagements

Upstream Works provides Omnichannel Contact Center solutions to increase customer engagement and agent success. Upstream Works for Finesse brings the customer journey together with a Single Agent Desktop that seamlessly connects all channels, interactions and applications. Organizations gain actionable insights with full context, Interaction Activity, History and Reporting across the enterprise, enabling a consistently excellent customer experience.

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