Five Elements of Omnichannel Success

In this industry, buzzwords are a dime a dozen.  Every week it seems there’s a new innovation that promises to revolutionize the customer experience or otherwise save the world. So how do contact centers make smart choices when it comes to implementing change? Is it possible to be leading edge and avoid being bleeding edge? Where does the hype end and the ROI begin?

One of these vagaries is Omnichannel. What is it, and how is it different than multichannel? Is it worthwhile to implement and where would a contact center even start?

In the recent past, call centers morphed into contact centers, mostly due to the widespread adoption of email as a convenient and popular alternative and/or supplement to phone calls. And even more recently, contact centers in specific industries began offering chat and SMS options to their customer contact options.  The result? Not quite the slick, all-encompassing unified experience everyone was hoping for.  Why? The new channels have been implemented as “multichannel” isolated entities instead of integrated parts of a single omnichannel communications solution.

In Five Elements of Omnichannel Success, you’ll learn how to move beyond the multichannel disconnect and into the world of Omnichannel with context, where the emphasis is on the customer interaction history rather than on the chosen method of communication. Learn how to prepare for a digital future where you can differentiate your company and continue to manage your contact center properly, regardless of how your customers contact you. Read the whitepaper here.