FollowUp Task Queuing

Upstream Works just made creating follow-up requests for your customers that much easier for you and your teams – introducing FollowUp Task Queuing. FollowUp requests can be created in the context of the current interaction or independently. What’s more, you can address the FollowUp personally or you can direct it to those who can handle it.

Here’s what you can do with FollowUp Task Queuing:

  • Create a Public FollowUp that can be directed to a specific FollowUp skill or to a specific agent.
  • Create a Personal FollowUp which can be restricted to you and can only be accessed or viewed by you. However, if you’re out of the office, for example, your supervisor can easily reassign the FollowUp.
  • Create a FollowUp in the context of the current task interaction or independently create one. In either case, the FollowUp is delivered as a task to the agent on its due date.
  • Quickly filter and sort to find specific FollowUps.
  •  Effective reporting and tracking of FollowUps.

At Upstream Works, we’re redefining the customer experience – for you, your customers, for all of us.