Leverage What You’ve Got – Real Business Value with a Connected CX


Contact Centers are complex and customer expectations are rapidly changing. There are often multiple groups, several lines of business, separate databases, numerous agent desktop applications, a blend of voice and digital channels and various legacy and in-house systems. In addition, customers expect a simplified, continuous, consistent experience across their journey for every interaction and all communication points.

To face this challenge, it’s time to successfully leverage every aspect of your infrastructure, including CRM, to maximise your investments and ensure a seamless and satisfying customer experience.


  • One agent desktop that unifies all channels and applications for full visibility
  • A customer interaction strategy that spans the entire organisation
  • An open platform with flexibility and scalability, leveraging existing investments
  • Improved agent effectiveness and operational efficiency
  • Enhanced reporting for improved business outcomes
  • Reduced customer effort and increased customer loyalty

Empower your agents with the information they need to provide an informed, personalized and proactive CX. Consider developing a holistic strategy for your organization, leveraging the strengths and value of all systems, whether WFM, QM or CRM – with seamless integration of all applications.

This whitepaper identifies the Five Elements of Omnichannel Success, positioning you to deliver an enhanced agent and customer experience.

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Upstream Works provides Omnichannel Contact Center solutions to increase customer engagement and agent success. Upstream Works for Finesse brings the customer journey together with a Single Agent Desktop that seamlessly connects all channels, interactions and applications. Organizations gain actionable insights with full context, Interaction Activity, History and Reporting across the enterprise, enabling a consistently excellent customer experience.

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