Making the Most of Your Data with Customer Journey Analytics

What is Customer Journey Analytics?

It’s tricky to find a definition of Customer Journey Analytics that isn’t penned by a solutions provider hankering to sell you their reporting platform. When we at Upstream Works talks about it, our focus is more on the data and the endless possibilities – as defined by our customers and partners – for manipulating, presenting, and leveraging that data.

Our sweet spot is the data itself – not the tools that manipulate the data into the desired form. Following the adage of garbage in / garbage out, no matter how great the tool is for presenting data in new and exciting ways, unless that data is rich, relevant, and representative, the tool itself is meaningless. Our customers and partners know that the point of analyzing the customer journey is to improve upon it along with the overall customer experience. To do that, you need data that is representative of the entire customer journey.

Flexibility is Key

Now, that’s not to say that our approach involves leaving customers to their own devices, sifting through piles of stats. In addition to a rich set of reports available in both CUIC and SSRS, Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) takes the highly flexible approach of making the extensive data it collects available to any reporting platform, dashboard, or application you can throw at it, through its deep and broad integration capabilities. Take CloudCherry, for example. We integrate with the customer journey mapping specialists to deliver some truly innovative customer engagement solutions.

Meaningful Metrics

What makes our data set different? The breadth of it. We collect information across several dimensions, providing counts, durations, and statistics across channels, time, skills, agents, teams, business functions, regions, and any custom dimension.

Contact centers leverage this data to generate feeds, run their own queries, and use third party reporting platforms to further manipulate and format the information. We provide a schema, set of views, and stored procedures. Many of our customers across industries and geographies integrate components include Workforce Management and Quality Monitoring like that of ZOOM, CRMs like MS Dynamics and Salesforce, marketing, and legacy applications. Through the power of integrations, data can be pulled across the organization to be analyzed and actioned to meet overarching business goals.

Our Definition

Back to our definition of Customer Journey Analytics. One of the more crucial distinctions has to do with the customer journey itself. We make sure our solutions tap into every aspect of that complex journey and provide visibility into how all the pinpoints on the map intersect.  Was there a bot involved? Was that conversation captured and included when the interaction escalated to an agent? How many transfers did the customer have to endure before their issue was resolved? Were there multiple issues resolved at once during the interaction and is that reflected in the data? Was the email that the customer originally sent about this issue proactively addressed by the agent or is it still in queue? The number of touchpoints between a customer and an organization is ever-expanding and if you want to understand the customer journey you need visibility to ALL of it and the ability to connect all the dots.

Upstream Works can help you make the most of your data. Contact us for a demo and see how we can help you accelerate innovation and deliver a truly connected customer experience across the entire customer journey.