The Key Ingredients Needed to Foster Customer Loyalty

Personalize your customer experience
Serving up customers a great omnichannel contact center experience is a tall order but it doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, for the most part, the average consumer is looking for a simple, feel-good type of experience rather than being blown away by extravagant overtures. So what are the key ingredients needed for a great Customer Experience (CX)?


The process of contacting an organization needs to be simple and convenient for customers. The experience should be channel-less – regardless of how the customer reaches out, whether phone, email, Facebook messenger, chat, text – the desired communication option must be available and intuitive.


Customers want to be recognized, remembered, and appreciated for their contributions, feedback, and loyalty. That means not only being greeted by name, but also being acknowledged for previous interactions and even offered targeted information based on their specific history and preferences.


Let’s be real – customers are reaching out for a reason. They have a request, question, suggestion, etc that needs to be addressed. Assisting them quickly, effortlessly, and accurately is key to making sure the issue is resolved and that the customer views the interaction as successful.


When striving to create a great customer experience, make sure it’s memorable for the right reasons. After all, any social media mentions that come as a result should be accolades rather than grievances. Memorable doesn’t necessarily mean over-the-top or extravagant. More often, it’s the little things – like having your request answered by the same person who helped you last time, or by having an issue proactively addressed before you even knew there was a problem.


In order to succeed and retain and grow market share, your contact center platform needs to be flexible and adaptable to both changing customer demands and your evolving business needs. Platform obsolescence (e.g CAD, CTIOS) can throw plans for growth into a tailspin. Make sure your CAD and CTIOS replacement platform offers the flexibility of both premise-based and cloud contact center software with an intuitive and integrated omnichannel agent desktop.
It’s increasingly common to not just provide customer service – but rather to provide customer “delight”. With these key ingredients, you can provide a great CX that that would delight even the most difficult customer, and them to give your business rave reviews and remain a faithful, loyal brand advocate.
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