The Struggle is Real – But so is the Solution: Providing a Personal and Integrated Customer Experience

Organizations are grappling to meet growing customer demand for a great customer experience across any and every channel. It’s not enough to just provide a chat capability to a website, or respond diligently to Facebook posts. Today’s customer expects a connected and consistent experience where they are known and remembered – no matter how they last reached out.  Providing this level of omnichannel customer engagement presents a very real challenge; one that solution providers are working to overcome.

Ventana’s benchmark research into next-generation customer engagement shows that there are three key issues which contact centers struggle with when trying to provide the ultimate customer experience. These are: integration of systems, channels managed as silos, and inconsistency of responses.

Richard Snow, VP & Research Director at Ventana Research provides a perspective on Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) and how it overcomes these challenges with its Single Agent Desktop. He discusses the significance of integration in delivering personalized service and consistent experiences, and highlights UWF’s capabilities in pulling and pushing data to multiple systems.

The analyst perspective concludes with a recommendation that all Cisco users who want to improve agent performance and customer experience evaluate Upstream Works for Finesse.

Read the full report here.