Upstream Works Introduces The Interaction Management Strategy Development Process

Develops a Plan to Improve Your Customer Experience

Toronto, Ontario January 1, 2012 – Upstream Works Software, a leading provider of Business Interaction Management solutions today announced its formal Interaction Management Strategy Discovery Process. This process is a step by step guide that provides a framework for understanding of the gaps and uses of customer interactions in managing a contact center or back office function that impacts customer experience.

All companies have a need for timely, consistent communication to help them make critical decisions concerning their customer relationships. Business Interaction Management is designed to collect customer interactions from across an organization, wherever they occur, in real time to improve productivity and the customer experience. Developing an Interaction Management Strategy (IMS) will provide an organization with a clear picture of how customers interact with them and determines areas that need to be addressed.

“A company should collect key elements of every customer interaction as it happens and save it in a single easy to use format. We understand that this isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do for most organizations because of organizational silos.” said Rob McDougall, President of Upstream Works Software. “Our process provides a clear and compelling framework for executing a single customer experience strategy across a these silos. At the end of this process you will have a blueprint for an Interaction Management Strategy which will enable you to understand and improve your customer’s experience, cut costs and/or improve processes.”

The first step in the discovery process is to determine the major issues of concern to the organization and at what stage they are in their overall contact center evolution. Conducting the discovery process may take anywhere from 5 days to four weeks based on the organization’s level of commitment to develop an Interaction Management Strategy. This process engages multiple levels of the organization from the business executives to the Contact Center Agents.

About Upstream Works
Upstream Works’ solutions allow a business to track and manage customers across all interaction channels. They provide a complete suite of agent and management tools to improve efficiencies and revenues, capturing the entire set of data needed to understand exactly how customers interact with your business. With an Upstream Works solution you get a total view of customer experience, agent performance and contact center efficiency. The quality and accuracy of the Upstream Works data lets you easily move from summarized KPIs to individual customer contacts, which are linked to recordings, survey results and other records of customer experience.

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