Upstream Works Releases AnyTask Routing for Cisco Finesse Contact Center

Upstream Works releases AnyTask Routing for Cisco Finesse Contact Center

Toronto, Ontario June 8, 2015 – Upstream Works, the leading provider of omnichannel insight and automation solutions for contact centers, announced today the addition of AnyTask Routing to its award winning Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) smart agent desktop.  This feature allows Upstream Works for Finesse’s task based system to route any type of third party task to an available agent while providing full omnichannel reporting & tracking.  With AnyTask Routing, contact centers can integrate tasks from websites, mobile or back office systems and take full advantage of all UWF Omnichannel features, including SLA Routing, desktop workflows, and reporting. These tasks can now be managed, measured and evaluated just like traditional contacts such as phone, chat or email.

Rob McDougall, CEO of Upstream Works says: “With customer contacts coming in from every direction – from Facebook to Social Media to CRM Workflows – it becomes hugely important to have a consistent way to work and a simple way to manage all the channels. AnyTask Routing allows a company to add new channels cost effectively, inheriting the full routing, processing and reporting tool set currently available in UWF.”

Upstream Works for Finesse is compatible with Cisco Finesse running on UCCE, PCCE, UCCX, and HCS. It is available from Cisco distribution partners.

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