Upstream Works Releases Contact Center Agent Desktop Version 3.0

Upstream Works Releases Contact Center Agent Desktop Version 3.0


New Features Continue to Improve Contact Center Agent Productivity

Toronto, Ontario March 8, 2012 – Upstream Works, providers of insight and automation solutions for contact centers, announced the debut of the new version of their Contact Center Agent Desktop application.  Contact Center Agent is an agent desktop application with many tools that are designed to improve customer service and speed up call processing.

“Upstream Works Contact Center Agent desktop is a role tailored interface that provides full multichannel capabilities and automation across your existing application set.” said Rob McDougall, Upstream Works President.  “It empowers agents to achieve First Contact Resolution across channels and is fully integrated with our Business Interaction Management solutions to provide real time customer histories and fill in the blanks for a true 360 degree view of customer experience.”

Upstream Works Contact Center Agent desktop has some significant new features including a “scratch pad” to eliminate paper, reminders for off line activities, manual activity tracking, and improved and flexible data capture for business intelligence. “Version 3.0 has been developed with working agents and real contact centers in mind.” said Upstream Works Chief Operating Officer, Jerry Sokol.  “Agents have a full view of a customer’s previous experience with the organization, so customers don’t have to repeat themselves, and management has the tools they need to manage to a higher standard. Everybody wins.”

About Upstream Works
Upstream Works’ solutions allow a business to track and manage customers across all interaction channels.  They provide a complete suite of agent and management tools to improve efficiencies and revenues, capturing the entire set of data needed to understand exactly how customers interact with your business. With an Upstream Works solution you get a total view of customer experience, agent performance and contact center efficiency. The quality and accuracy of the Upstream Works data lets you easily move from summarized KPIs to individual customer contacts, which are linked to recordings, survey results and other records of customer experience.

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