Real-Time Video Agents and Personalized CX
Upstream Works Video Engagements

Improve CX Outcomes with Face-to-Face Interactions

Supporting your customers across their entire journey with your brand starts with a connected, personalized and continuous customer experience on every channel. The Upstream Works agent desktop seamlessly connects with Webex Video to power real-time engagements with smooth escalations and continuous conversations.

Upstream Works & Webex Video

The Upstream Works agent desktop and Unified Digital Messaging (UDM) Smart Chat leverages the Webex Meetings Video API to support video agents and improve customer experiences. Customers can launch a video session from their mobile or desktop, and easily move from a chat to a chat with audio or a chat with video for a continuous conversation and faster resolutions. The video is displayed in the Upstream Works Virtual Agent Portal (VAP) workspace on the agent desktop, ensuring the video is easily accessible to maximize agent efficiency.

Video CX

Features & Benefits of Video Solutions:

personalized video customer support

The Power of Personalization

The intimacy of a face-to-face interaction improves CX outcomes in virtually any industry:

  • Improve customer satisfaction with faster resolutions
  • Improve Net Promoter Scores by offering video to VIP clients
  • Offer video as an effective escalation point for SME involvement
  • Leverage video to troubleshoot when offering technical support
  • Provide video support to assess claims directly

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