5 Ways to Automate Contact Centers with AI in 2021

AI and Automation

AI has many valuable uses in the contact center, from providing data and channel options to reducing costs. One of the biggest drivers for AI is automation. Automation may take many forms, including providing intuitive self-service options for customers, as well as allowing organizations to further scale their operations—not to just provide 24/7 service, but to also handle higher call volumes. With AI enabling better forms of self-service, automation can address many contact center challenges with limited cost impact or added strain to the existing pool of agents.

To better illustrate how AI and automation can be applied in the contact center, here are five specific applications.

1. Managing Routine Inquiries

Chatbots may have limited capabilities today, but the iterative nature of AI means that they get better as usage increases. This is where Machine Learning comes into play—to identify behavioral patterns as data sets grow, greatly improving self-service options. Not only does this improve CX but by deflecting routine calls away from live agents, they can focus more on high-impact customer interactions that make their work feel more satisfying and valued.

2. Proactive Notifications

Outbound communication is an underutilized mode of customer engagement. Contact centers recognize the value but are often constrained by legacy technology and would welcome AI as a means to automate this form of outreach.

3. Customer Journey Mapping

The value of customer journey mapping comes from being able to respond to customer behavior in real-time for every interaction. This requires speed and scale that only AI can provide, where the process is automated to enable agents to provide highly personalized service in the moment.

4. Agent Performance Monitoring

Supervisors currently have limited automation capabilities to monitor agent performance. Manual efforts can only cover so much ground, especially with agents working from home. Digital CX requires access to vast amounts of data that can be processed and flagged in real-time so agents can provide personalized service. Not only can AI address this at scale but automation means more complete and accurate tracking, in real-time and for all agents. Many applications fall into this use case, such as script adherence, compliance tracking and call response time.

5. Back Office Efficiencies

Much of what goes into great CX is transparent to the customer as the agent is usually their sole point of contact. AI brings new value by automating routine tasks that make business processes inefficient or using omnichannel solutions to seamlessly access and integrate data from across departmental silos. While this use case showcases AI’s value for automation, it also aligns well with digital transformation initiatives that extend beyond the contact center to the rest of the organization.

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