How Connected, Contextual Customer Journeys Make a Difference

Meet John. John expects to be able to contact businesses on his terms, choosing the channel, device, and time that works best for him. He also expects choice: whether it’s talking to someone right away to resolve his issue, or maybe finding the answers himself through a knowledge portal or through a chatbot. He also wants flexibility: he might start out down one avenue of recourse, and then switch gears in terms of channel, or in terms of escalating from self-service to an agent-assisted interaction. In each case, he expects continuity and connection. That continuity is required across the entire customer journey – no matter who John speaks with, whichever channel he chooses, and what transpires during each interaction.


From the perspective of your brand ambassadors – your agents – the only way to provide that continuity is by having context for every step of that customer journey. Whether it’s visibility to John’s chatbot conversation, his customer history, recorded conversations with other agents, or John’s CRM record – agents need to be able to see and action every part of the interaction(s) that make up John’s omnichannel customer journey. The actioning could include picking a related item out of queue, providing relevant knowledge articles, or collaborating with an SME to offer the best possible CX to John.


But when it comes right down to it, when you kick off your CX transformation, the solution needs to do more than just make John a happy guy. It needs to deliver real business value to you, your agents, and to the enterprise. Yes, you want satisfied, loyal customers – but you also want happy and fully leveraged staff and the tools to measure your CX improvements. Giving visibility and control to your brand advocates results in increases in efficiency, FCR, agent success and employee retention.


Your customer John isn’t aware of any of the behind-the-scenes stuff that’s making his experience so effortless, and really that’s just how it should be. John doesn’t know that there are multiple integrations connecting everything that the agent uses every day, working across channels and allowing for information sharing back and forth. He doesn’t know that you’ve deliberately chosen a platform that is flexible and easy to tweak with new workflows, channels, and preferences so that you can keep up with a diverse and ever-changing customer landscape. He doesn’t know that you’ve planned for the future with a system that lets you easily add seats and incorporate the latest and greatest new technologies so that you continue to provide that consistent CX.


What John does know is that whenever he interacts with your brand, he is treated to a fast, personal, informed experience. He’s more loyal and feels confident that spending more money with you is worth his while. Perhaps most importantly, he’ll tell his friends about the great CX he gets with you, and before you know it, that great CX is bringing you new business.
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