Upstream Works Assist Knowledge Management

Collect, manage, and share knowledge for an improved CX on any channel across the enterprise

Leverage Knowledge for Greater Efficiency and an Improved CX

Organizations that collaborate and share information reap the benefits of an improved CX, greater resource optimization, and increased first contact resolution. Leverage Knowledge Management to increase efficiencies and transform the customer and agent experience.

Upstream Works Assist

Enhance your omnichannel contact center with Upstream Works Assist Knowledge Management. Powerful out-of-the-box features provide contextual knowledge and guidance, improving customer and agent engagement on all channels and providing ease of  knowledge management.

Key Features of Upstream Works Assist

Customer Assist

Delivering on the omnichannel promise means ensuring a singularly exceptional customer experience, including when that customer is using self-service.

Give your customers the convenience of being able to answer their own questions and let agents focus on more mission critical issues.

  • Empower customers
  • Optimize resources
  • Compete on CX

Expert Assist

Agents and knowledge workers need an easy way to retrieve precise, consistent content on-demand across all channels.

As part of the UWF agent desktop, Expert Assist empowers agents to quickly and expertly resolve issues for a great CX.

  • Powerful and intelligent knowledge base
  • Quickly find relevant information
  • Tailored options for an effortless experience

Flexible Knowledge Management

With Upstream Works Assist native knowledge management, organizations can eliminate information silos, improve efficiencies, and reduce average handling time.

It offers maximum solution flexibility, with support for migrating other knowledge repositories and actionable reports for fine tuning the knowledge base.

  • Organize effectively with decision tree logic
  • Collaborative authoring ensures article relevance and accuracy
  • Rich set of reports for insights into trends, gaps, and contributions

Upstream Works Assist is for everyone – customers, agents, and management.