Upstream Works AgentNow

Instant Customer Service On-Demand

Seamless Conversations Across Channels Using Smartphones, Laptops & Kiosks

AgentNow provides a fast and convenient way to digitally connect customers with qualified contact center agents through Unified Communications (UC) platforms like Webex and Microsoft Azure Communications Services (ACS) and using a mix of chat, audio and video.

Provide instant access to service with on-demand agents that can support in-person staff during peak periods. Customers needing assistance can scan a QR code displayed on signage or visit a simple web interface using a mobile device, laptop or kiosk.

Provide Immediate, On-Demand CX

AgentNow allows agents and customers to connect directly through face-to-face video engagements, or voice and chat, and seamlessly transition across channels without breaks in the conversation.

Tailor CX with branded informational or promotional videos that can be played while customers are in queue to keep them engaged. Or, if they get distracted, AgentNow will a send a notification when an agent becomes available.


Increase Productivity & Tap into Customer Service Reps

With AgentNow, organizations can quickly tap into on-demand and non-contact center agents to better support surges in customer demand and to supplement finite, on-site customer support capabilities. Better utilization of customer support agents across teams and regions during downtimes and between peak periods increases efficiency and provides a better customer experience.

AgentNow interactions are displayed on the Upstream Works agent desktop, with the chat, voice and video settings available in the Agent Assist area to maximize engagements. Agents can easily transfer the interaction to other agents and subject matter experts (SMEs) to quickly resolve issues.

AgentNow also takes advantage of Upstream Works’ desktop AI capabilities including the AI-powered Agent Assist which provides real-time guidance with automated conversation summaries, transcriptions, intent, and sentiment.

Enterprise-Ready Agent Desktop Solutions

AgentNow is enterprise-ready and a core feature of the Upstream Works enterprise contact center desktop solution. AgentNow agents will have access to the full breadth of features and capabilities of the Upstream Works desktop, including agent productivity tools, omnichannel capabilities, integrations, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation. The agent has full visibility of the customer journey, interaction history and context-data, allowing them to resolve issues without the customer having to repeat themselves.

Secure, flexible and scalable AgentNow solutions are available on all Upstream Works desktop products and contact center platforms including Amazon Connect, Cisco, Webex, and as a standalone offering with our digital-only desktop solutions.


Customer Success Story: United Airlines

United Airlines is the first Upstream Works client to leverage the new AgentNow engagement solution, through a service the airline named Agent On Demand. For United’s customers, the service enables travelers to skip the line at the information desk and connect directly with agents through their smartphone and using voice, chat, or video.

Passengers can get anytime, anywhere access to airline service agents by scanning a QR code at the airport.

United’s Agent On Demand service allows customers in airports to access remote gate agents and the airline can provide immediate service during potentially stressful times, like flight delays and cancellations.

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