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Helping AI Help Agents

Integrate best-of-breed AI applications with the Upstream Works desktop – without creating silos. Optimize the agent experience with AI-powered guidance, automate interactions, and maintain consistent agent and customer experiences across all channels.

Omni AI Hub Powers Summarization, Intent, Sentiment & More

The Upstream Works Omni AI Hub is a centralized framework and suite of AI capabilities that power conversation summaries, transcriptions, intent, sentiment, and escalations for on-premise and cloud contact centers. Accelerate innovation with the flexibility to choose your own AI, including native Upstream Works AI* and third-party AI.
The Omni AI Hub includes:
• Virtual Customer Assistance: AI Messaging Link interfaces with messaging channels to interact conversationally with customers, escalates to an agent and post results to Interaction History.
Agent Assist: Includes summaries, transcriptions, intent, sentiment, escalations, and integration with knowledge to improve engagements across voice, email and messaging channels.
• Assist Knowledge : Upstream Works Assist knowledge management utilizes AI to power content findability and suggestions. Agent Assist also integrates with knowledge to provide content suggestions.
• Performance Analytics and A/B Testing: Intelligent experience insights, including A/B testing and performance reporting with the same consistent metrics as human agents.

AI Integrations

AI Application Integrations and Intelligent Agent Assistance

Easily integrate best-of-breed AI applications and conversational AI into your digital transformation strategy without creating new silos and added complexity. Our desktop solution provides the flexibility to integrate with multiple AI applications of your choice, so you can give your agents AI-powered guidance for intelligent CX resolutions.

Virtual Agent Portal and Real-Time Guidance

Give your agents real-time assistance and guidance with the Virtual Agent Portal. The Virtual Agent Portal provides a dedicated workspace on the Upstream Works desktop that integrates with your AI applications to assist agents with suggested responses, intent, sentiment, and more.

VAP desktop
5.0 Announcement Agent

AI Reports and Analytics

Measure the performance of your AI applications and bots with Upstream Works Reports and Analytics.

Powerful Reports:
Evaluate chatbot and emailbot interactions with the same set of consistent metrics and reports as human agents. Gain deeper insights into the performance of your chatbots and emailbots and use this data to train your machine learning algorithm.

Bot Experimentation Framework: Optimize your AI strategy with the Bot Experimentation Framework. Compare the effectiveness of your chatbots, emailbots and virtual agent assistant bots with A/B testing and reports. Make data-driven decisions with deeper insights into specific bot performance.

Event Data Stream Framework:
Our powerful reports and analytics also include the Event Data Stream Framework, which provides insights into agent assistive features like email template usage. Discover opportunities for improvement and efficiencies, and make informed data-based decisions.

Automate Email Tasks and Interactions

The Email Bot Hander Service automates email tasks like selecting tasks in queue, sending automated replies, completing tasks, or returning tasks to the queue for review. Work with the email bot provider of your choice to improve agent response times and support agents in the background so they can focus on more complex customer issues.

5.0 Announcement Desktop Screen

Effortless Chatbot Escalations

Easily escalate chatbot interactions to human agents and accurately route based on intent. Agents will receive full visibility of the customer’s journey, including chatbot transcripts, so they can seamlessly continue the conversation for a better CX.

AI-Powered Knowledge Management

Upstream Works Assist knowledge management provides fast and accurate guidance to agents and customers. AI-powered Agent Expert Assist is an internal knowledge portal that can be accessed directly through the Upstream Works desktop, helping to improve speed to competency and reduce training time. Customer Assist provides a convenient self-service channel through an external facing FAQ-style webpage.

AI Powered Knowledge

**Upstream Works AI operating on-premise and cloud (VPC) coming soon.

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