Partnership with Aspen Technologies Group Inc.

Upstream Works Announces Partnership with Aspen Technologies Group Inc.

Upstream Works and AspenTGI Partner to Deliver Customer Experience Excellence 

Woodbridge, Ontario, September 29, 2021 – Upstream Works Software Ltd., an omnichannel contact center solutions provider, is announcing a new partnership with Aspen Technology Group Inc., a cloud consulting company. The partnership will help organizations accelerate customer experience transformation and cloud adoption with Upstream Works for Amazon Connect (UWA).

Upstream Works provides end-to-end cloud-based solutions that help contact centers accelerate digital transformation, streamline operations and empower agents to provide personalized customer experiences. UWA’s easy-to-use desktop seamlessly integrates Amazon Connect voice with Upstream Works digital channels, including email, web chat, messaging, co-browse, social, bots, and more. The desktop features full visibility into the customer journey, context-data, and integrations to multiple business applications and CRMs. The UWA desktop is further supported with team management and collaboration features, reports, and analytics.

“We are pleased to partner with Aspen Technology Group Inc. and help clients realize the full potential of omnichannel CX with Amazon Connect,” said Rob McDougall, CEO of Upstream Works. “Together with AspenTGI, we are offering tailored solutions that help enterprises deliver meaningful customer experiences and, ultimately, help them improve their business outcomes.”

“Our new partnership with Upstream Works aligns with our mission to help organizations create impactful customer experiences while adopting cloud solutions,” said Charlie Conway, Managing Partner of AspenTGI. “We are excited to work with Upstream Works to bring our clients best-in-class solutions and help them reach their CX goals.”

Upstream Works is expanding its partner network and customer base with the success of its innovative contact center solutions. With the new AspenTGI partnership, Upstream Works continues to provide enterprises with a flexible approach to transforming engagements. Upstream Works delivers varied technology solutions for enhanced business performance with over 15 years of omnichannel expertise and experience.

About Upstream Works Software

Upstream Works provides best-in-class omnichannel contact center software to increase customer engagement and employee success. The customer journey comes together across all channels with an intuitive desktop, seamless integrations and consistent management. For more than 15 years, Upstream Works has been developing flexible solutions for organizations wanting to improve the customer experience, operational efficiency and long-term business growth.

About Aspen Technology Group Inc.

Aspen Technology Group Inc. is a cloud and customer experience consulting company based on Amazon Connect and related services. AspenTGI offers innovative solutions that allow organizations to increase cloud adoption while helping them meet their customer experience goals. With outcome-based results, AspenTGI delivers customer experience consulting, high-touch deployments and on-going support.


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Upstream Works Software

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Aspen TGI