Upstream Works Blazing Trails in the Competitive World of Operationalizing AI, Streamlining and Organizing All Data Required for Contact Center Agents

WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO (February 2, 2023) –  Utilizing the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) is a challenge in itself. Operationalizing AI by effectively integrating it into the back-end systems of existing business operations is another. Considering the complexity and divergence of business operations, there is no ‘one size fits all approach’ in AI. Nowhere is this more complex than in a customer service environment, where effective operationalization of AI, based on the specific requirements of different businesses, is critical. However, there exists a technological and operational gap as far as customer experience in large corporations is concerned. Upstream Works, a Canada-based software company, is providing an integrated omnichannel customer experience engagement solution to organizations with a special focus on agent-first desktop solutions for contact centers that simplifies these problems.

Upstream Works was established in 2000. Over the years the company has evolved into an industry leader in omnichannel and assisting organizations to make artificial intelligence work for their businesses. The company specializes in providing contact center agents with a better and more efficient way of dealing with the complexity of their daily tasks. Contact center agents are working in a high-volume environment doing the same routine job multiple times a day. Most of the time they deal with a complicated set of applications and engage multiple customers simultaneously. The complexity of technology and operations adversely affects the agent’s productivity and in turn the overall business operations. To address this issue, Upstream Works assists these organizations in integrating artificial intelligence and streamlining their applications and engagements in a better and more productive way. With Upstream Works, agents can access information from multiple applications without requiring them to switch between different system interfaces and contact center applications.

By operationalizing AI and integrating it with the back-end systems of the business, Upstream Works provides an effective omnichannel interface to the agents, helping AI to provide seamless functionality across all channels and business functions. This enables agents to manage their interactions across all digital channels, applications, and platforms in a simple and effective way. For example, when there is an escalation from a chatbot communication requiring an agent to respond directly to the customer, the agent needs to be aware of the previous chat in order to take the communication forward. Manually addressing this requirement is time-consuming and most of the time makes the customer unhappy. However, Upstream Works provides an integrated solution that allows the agent access to the previous chatbot transcripts using a single user interface. When multiple AI applications are used to perform different functions, Upstream Works simplifies the agent interface and hides the back end AI complexity.

“We are passionate and dedicated to providing innovative omnichannel solutions that enable organizations and contact centers of all sizes to provide exceptional user experiences. Our goal is to make the work easy and convenient for agents by assisting companies to operationalize and integrate artificial intelligence applications into their systems. We have been serving the industry for the last 20 years. We also aim to provide a satisfying customer experience whenever they are in need of assistance from contact center agents”, says Rob McDougall, President and CEO of Upstream Works.

About Upstream Works

Upstream Works provides omnichannel contact center solutions that simplify and improve agent and customer experiences. Our flexible agent-first desktop solutions enable digital transformation and operationalize artificial intelligence (AI) while leveraging existing investments. For over 20 years, Upstream Works has helped companies improve operational efficiency, agent effectiveness, customer experience and business outcomes.


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