Upstream Works for Amazon Connect Now Offers Multi-Availability Zone Option on AWS Marketplace


Woodbridge, Ontario, June 16, 2021 – Upstream Works Software Ltd., a provider of cloud-based Omnichannel Contact Center solutions, announces Multi-Availability Zone (AZ) option for Upstream Works for Amazon Connect (UWA) is now on the AWS Marketplace. This addition to the UWA standard omnichannel solution deployment model provides organizations with enhanced availability and performance protection.

Upstream Works provides flexible, end-to-end standard and enterprise solutions that accelerate digital transformation and streamline operations. The easy-to-use agent desktop seamlessly integrates Amazon Connect voice with Upstream Works digital channels, including email, web chat, messaging, co-browse, social, bots, and more. With full visibility into the customer journey, context-data, and integrations to business applications and CRMs, UWA empowers agents to personalize customer experiences. Team management is simplified with the Supervisor Desktop and real-time metrics, reports and analytics.

Upstream Works provides a fast deployment model, ease of management and scalable cloud-based solutions. With the Upstream Works Multi-AZ configuration and deployment, organizations gain enhanced availability and durability, database performance protection and automatic failover with minimal impact in the event of a hardware or infrastructure failure. All data is synchronously replicated from a primary to a stand-by database instance in a separate availability zone, ensuring immediate availability of operational and historical data in the case of a service disruption.

Rob McDougall, CEO of Upstream Works said:

“We are happy to announce the extension of the Upstream Works deployment model and the Multi-AZ option to include the UWA standard omnichannel solution on the AWS Marketplace. Our UWA enterprise deployments already benefit from multiple availability zones that are highly available and reliable, and provides automatic failover to ensure database operations and business continuity.”

Upstream Works has extensive experience and expertise in delivering omnichannel contact center solutions to industries across the globe.

  • UWA Standard omnichannel solution with Single-AZ and Multi-AZ deployment options are now available on the AWS Marketplace
  • UWA Enterprise omnichannel solutions are available through the Upstream Works partner reseller community

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About Upstream Works Software

Upstream Works provides best-in-class omnichannel contact center software to increase customer engagement and employee success. The customer journey comes together across all channels with an intuitive desktop, seamless integrations and consistent management. For more than 15 years, Upstream Works has been developing flexible solutions for organizations wanting to improve the customer experience, operational efficiency and long-term business growth.