Upstream Works Software and Local Measure Partner on Social Engagement Management Solutions Across the Enterprise

Woodbridge, Ontario, September 17, 2019 – Upstream Works Software Ltd., a provider of Omnichannel Contact Center solutions, today announced its integration partnership with Local Measure. Together, the companies will offer brands one seamless, comprehensive solution for delivering real-time customer and social engagement excellence across the enterprise.

Upstream Works delivers enhanced, omnichannel customer experience management solutions for the Cisco Finesse desktop. It provides an intuitive workspace for agents and supervisors to deliver personalized, informed customer experiences while collecting critical conversational data. Local Measure’s intelligent customer profiles provide contextual insights and engagement tools such as social media messaging and mentions, in-venue customer feedback and location analytics from on-premise Cisco Wi-Fi. 

The two companies will deliver a combined solution that leverages Local Measure’s social messaging and listening solution to provide real-time social intelligence as a context aware channel within the Upstream Works’ agent desktop. Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) agents will have a full, unified view to all customer interactions including social posts (in a manner compliant with the respective platforms’ terms of service), alongside voice, email, digital messaging and video. Customers will have a consistent brand experience no matter which channel they use to engage with the business.

“We’re excited about the potential of this partnership, and how we can jointly impact the brand by offering new and innovative engagement solutions,” said Rob McDougall, President and CEO, Upstream Works. “This strategic partnership between Local Measure and Upstream Works will improve the contextual data available to agents, operations and marketing and improve the overall customer experience with consistent tools and responses across all social channels.”   

“With the integration of Local Measure, Upstream Works and Cisco Contact Center, we’re able to transform the typical call center customer experience into a humanized experience” said Jonathan Barouch, CEO of Local Measure. “All employees become agents when empowered with technology that gives them full, real time insight into the entire customer journey.”

Local Measure and Upstream Works together have the customer journey expertise and experience to offer a 360° view of the customer, and the tools to interact with, understand, and influence customer engagement across the enterprise.  

About Upstream Works Software:
Upstream Works provides best-in-class Omnichannel Contact Center software to increase customer engagement and agent success. We bring the customer journey together across all channels, with an intuitive agent desktop, full context, seamless integrations, consistent management, reports and analytics. For over 15 years, organizations around the world and across industries have benefited from Upstream Works’ solutions, gaining operational efficiency and transforming the customer experience. Learn more and see UWF in action at 

About Local Measure:

Local Measure is a customer experience platform for businesses with a real-world, physical presence. Headquartered in Sydney, Local Measure’s clients include many of the world’s largest hospitality, retail and tourism brands. The company provides real-time and actionable feedback, preferences and insights on a business’ most valuable customers. For more information about Local Measure, visit our website.


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