Upstream Works Software Partners with Selligent on Data-Driven Customer Engagement Solutions

Woodbridge, Ontario, September 12, 2019 – Upstream Works Software Ltd., a provider of Omnichannel Contact Center solutions, today announced its partnership with Selligent to enable and deliver effective, integrated, enterprise-wide customer care engagement solutions.

Selligent’s intelligent omnichannel experience and marketing platform enables companies to engage and maximize every moment with connected consumers. Upstream Works delivers connected, omnichannel CX solutions to businesses, improving agent and customer engagements through its capture and application of contextual data.

Together, the two companies will jointly deliver innovative and flexible solutions through a deep integration that will surface Selligent’s rich consumer-specific data and insights, including all interaction, transaction and behavioral data, coupled with intelligent recommendations for next best offers, onto the Upstream Works desktop. This will allow agents to drive additional sales and be more productive in their conversations with end consumers.

“The boundaries that separate marketing efforts from contact center activities are quickly dissolving as customers embrace social media and other non-traditional channels to engage with their providers,” said Rob McDougall, President and CEO, Upstream Works. “Integrating with Selligent allows our clients to use actual customer interaction data in marketing. This will directly improve the impact of every marketing dollar spent, and ensure that the customer experience is germane, based on information that was directly provided to contact center agents.”

“Data is at the heart of our platform and having a universal view of the customer is critical to delivering personalized experiences,” said John Hernandez, CEO of Selligent. “Partnering with Upstream Works will allow us to deliver a fully-integrated and extensible solution that empowers agents with omnichannel engagement insights to offer the next best action to consumers. This integration will help drive employee productivity and enable businesses to deliver the ultimate customer experience.”

Selligent and Upstream Works together have the marketing technology and omnichannel contact center expertise to enhance business performance, increase customer loyalty, and improve efficiencies and business outcomes across a range of industries worldwide.

About Upstream Works Software:
Upstream Works provides best-in-class Omnichannel Contact Center software to increase customer engagement and agent success. We bring the customer journey together across all channels with an intuitive agent desktop, full context, seamless integrations, consistent management, reports and analytics. For over 15 years, organizations around the world and across industries have benefited from Upstream Works’ solutions, gaining operational efficiency and transforming the customer experience. Learn more and see UWF in action at

About Selligent Marketing Cloud:
Selligent Marketing Cloud is a sophisticated B2C marketing platform that empowers ambitious relationship marketers to maximize every moment they engage with consumers. With native AI capabilities, a robust data layer, and a powerful omnichannel execution engine, Selligent Marketing Cloud enables marketers to easily target, trigger, and deliver highly personalized messaging across all critical channels.

More than 700 global brands in retail, travel, automotive, publishing, and financial services trust Selligent Marketing Cloud to help deliver their marketing programs. With 10 offices across the United States and Europe and more than 50 partners, Selligent serves over 30 countries with local, personalized service. Learn more at and connect with the team at Twitter, LinkedIn, and our blog.

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