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Upgrade for New UWF Capabilities and Enhancements

You talk, we listen. Each release of Upstream Works on Finesse has been carefully planned and designed to deliver value to our customers – whether it’s new CX features, simplified administration, enhanced integration, or support for emerging technologies.

Upstream Works on Finesse (UWF) is your single agent workspace for customer experience excellence. As our valued customer, we want to ensure that you are leveraging all its new features and capabilities for improved performance and a competitive edge.

Upstream Works Desktop V6.0 Highlights

Upstream Works Desktop V6.0 features AI-driven optimization, real-time Dashboards, video engagements and Upstream Works on Webex Contact Center (UWW).

  • Bot Experimentation Framework  – Optimize your bot and AI strategy with A/B testing of chatbots, emailbots and Virtual Agent Portal (VAP) bots. A/B test reports help contact centers evaluate bot effectiveness and provide deeper insights into specific bot performance.
  • Event Data Stream Framework – Powerful AI analytics allow contact centers to evaluate agent assistive features like email templates and VAP to gain valuable insights of potential issues and operational efficiencies.
  • Real-Time Omnichannel Dashboards – Dashboards display real-time or historical key performance indicators (KPIs) like First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Customer Effort Score (CES) to enable fast monitoring and actionable insights.
  • Customer Effort Score (CES) KPI – Measure how much effort a customer must use to resolve an issue with your contact center and gain better insight into performance.
  • Webex Connect Integration – Seamlessly integrate Webex Connect with Upstream Works Unified Digital Messaging (UDM) for consistent and streamlined conversations. Includes support for SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, and third-party bots.
  • Webex Video Integration – Support on-demand video agents by seamlessly integrating the Upstream Works desktop leveraging Webex Meetings Video API. Customers can experience seamless escalations from chat to audio or video.
  • Upstream Works on Webex Contact Center (UWW) – Our new platform offering, Upstream Works on Webex Contact Center, provides cloud migration flexibility and a consistent agent desktop experience.

Upstream Works Desktop V5.0* & AI Application Integration Highlights

Upstream Works Desktop 5.0 features a streamlined upgrade process, optimized performance, and remote agent access flexibility.

Experience new features including:

  • Email Bot Handler Service* – Automated email tasks like selecting tasks in queue, sending automated replies, completing tasks, and more. Work with the email bot provider of your choice to improve agent efficiency. 
  • Streamlined Upgrade Program* – To ensure delivery success and optimized performance.
  • Remote Agent Ready*  – With VPN-less access for increased flexibility and reduced support costs.
  • UWF Omnichannel Cloud SaaS Solutions – For UCCX and xCCE on Cisco SolutionsPlus.

*Upstream Works Desktop 5.0

Upstream Works on Finesse V4.2 Highlights

Upstream Works on Finesse (UWF) V4.2 now utilizes Cisco’s Media Routing Peripheral Gateway (MR PG) protocol to route digital interactions improving contact center efficiency and centralized operational reporting.

Upgrade to UWF V4.2 and experience:

  • Optimized Routing for Greater Contact Center Efficiency – One routing engine for all interactions within Cisco with real-time blending of voice, chat and messaging interactions at parity. A single platform provides centralized management of skills, queues and agent skill assignment for greater contact center efficiency.
  • Centralized Operational Reporting – Simplified performance reporting across all channels from a single data source.
  • High Availability for UQ Across All Channels  – Enterprise-grade High Availability (HA) for Universal Queue (UQ) across all channels.
  • Simplified Management and Operations – Easy-to-use management interface simplifies task management.
  • Additional Features – Greater desktop interface accessibility and Conversation API V2.0 makes it easier to add bots and new messaging applications for seamless self-service escalation to agent.

Upstream Works on Finesse (UWF) focuses on creating richer agent and customer engagements. Streamlined administration and management provides greater business value to contact centers of all sizes. Features and benefits include:

  • Administration Enhancements – Set teams up for success with added flexibility and simplified operations to centrally administer, configure and manage with the new Upstream Works Consolidated Administration Console.
  • Better Customer-Centric Engagements Empower agents to further optimize customer engagements with new Outbound Customer Interactions functionality and FollowUp Task Queuing to better satisfy customers.
  • Interaction History Enhancements  – Improve customer satisfaction by Logging Any Third-Party Media into Interaction History records. This provides full visibility into all customer interaction data, transcripts and attachments.
  • Greater Efficiency and Accuracy – Gain efficiencies across workflows to reach faster and more accurate resolutions with new features like Email Review and AnyTask Transfer for both love and non-live channels
  • Enhanced Online Help System – Agents, supervisors and administrators can now access the Online Help system. Find the right resources easily and quickly with enhanced search, how-to steps and detailed information.

Upstream Works for Finesse V4.0 Highlights

Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) V4.0 helps organizations keep customers and agents engaged. It blends all conversational data, Interaction History and rich reports for personalized CX and optimized agent performance. UWF V4.0 delivers the omnichannel capabilities and enhancements that today’s contact centers require. Features and benefits include:

Upgrade to UWF V4.0 and experience:

  • Limitless Cross-Channel Engagement – Get consistent and personalized engagement across all channels, including Bots, Social, Video, Messaging, Co-browse, Web Chat, Email, Voice, SMS, AnyTask, and more.
  • Unified Digital Messaging – Provide continuous conversations across virtual platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, TwitterDM, WeChat, and more.
  • Social Care – Monitor and escalate posts and messages from social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and more.
  • Video & Co-browse – Guide customers to quick and effective resolutions through personalized and hands-on service.
  • Real-Time Visibility & Control with UWF Supervisor – Simplify team management with tailored views, flexible filters and drill-down to details for both voice and digital channels.

New features and capabilities have been added to enhance collaboration, flexibility and customer experience.

At Upstream Works, we’re redefining the customer experience – for you, your customers, for all of us.