Give Your Members Quick & Convenient Resolutions

Self-Service MX Convenience

Upstream Works omnichannel contact center desktop solutions enable intuitive, convenient, and informative self-service. Give your members fast and easy resolutions while reducing contact volumes and ensuring agents can focus on more complex issues.

Smart Chatbot Conversations & Seamless Escalations

Integrate with the bot of your choice to optimize the member experience (MX) with AI-powered chatbots that can quickly answer routine questions and assist with simple transactions. With Upstream Works, bots will escalate to agents when needed with a seamless handoff that includes the full conversation transcript. Human agents can pick up where the bot left off, supporting agents while improving the member experience.

Informative Knowledge with Upstream Works Assist

Provide members with an external-facing knowledge portal in the form of a FAQ webpage. Members can visit the page at their convenience to resolve routine questions at their own time and pace. Upstream Works Assist provides around-the-clock resolutions without the help of agents for better member experiences.

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