Upstream Works Announces New Platform with Webex Contact Center

Upstream Works Announces AI-Driven Optimization, Real-Time Video Engagements and a New Platform with Webex Contact Center

Upstream Works Desktop 6.0 features advanced AI and bot management, enhanced digital and Webex Video engagements, and support for Webex Contact Center for better agent and customer experiences.

WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO (March 29, 2023) – Upstream Works, a provider of agent-first contact center desktop solutions, announces Upstream Works Desktop 6.0, which features optimized AI and bot management capabilities, performance dashboards, enhanced digital and video engagements with Webex by Cisco, and platform expansion with Upstream Works on Webex Contact Center (UWW). With a focus on the omnichannel agent experience and enterprise innovation, contact centers can empower agents, provide an efficient customer service experience, and improve business performance.

Upstream Works provides flexible omnichannel contact center desktop solutions that support digital transformation, innovation, business growth, and enable contact centers to operationalize artificial intelligence (AI) while leveraging existing systems and investments. The agent desktop simplifies and improves agent and customer experiences with productivity and collaboration tools, the AI-powered Virtual Agent Portal, digital channel flexibility, integrations with AI, business applications and CRM systems, and reporting and analytics.

Upstream Works Desktop 6.0 allows clients to further optimize bot performance and effectiveness with the new Bot Experimentation Framework, which allows bot comparison and A/B testing, as well as with advanced reporting and analytics. The Event Data Stream Framework provides powerful and flexible reporting capabilities on agent assistive features, enabling data-driven decisions and easier management.

Omnichannel dashboards with real-time or historical key performance indicators (KPIs) including Customer Effort Score (CES) and First Contact Resolution (FCR) provide agents and supervisors with greater visibility and actionable insights of contact center performance.

The Upstream Works solution empowers agents with a seamless and consistent desktop experience and one continuous customer conversation across multiple messaging channels including Webex Connect channels, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger and third-party bots. It’s now easier for video agents to engage with customers in real-time with Upstream Works Desktop Smart Chat that leverages the Webex Meetings Video API to provide faster resolutions and a more personalized customer experience.

The new Upstream Works platform offering, Upstream Works on Webex Contact Center (UWW) provides cloud migration flexibility and a consistent agent desktop experience. This means clients can innovate and evolve their Upstream Works desktop solution today and take their innovation to the cloud when they are ready.

“We’re excited to announce Upstream Works Desktop 6.0 and take our desktop solutions to the next level. With our AI and Bot Experimentation Framework, clients can truly evaluate the impact of AI applications across multiple points in the customer journey,” says Rob McDougall, CEO of Upstream Works. “We’re bringing all digital and Webex Video engagements together onto one seamless agent desktop, making it easier for agents to personalize CX. And we’re continuing to provide our clients with more options as we expand our platform offering with Webex Contact Center.”

Upstream Works omnichannel contact center desktop solutions are optimized for enterprises and are available on premise and in the cloud, and with a choice of platform, including Amazon, Cisco, Webex by Cisco and digital-only solutions, with the flexibility to easily migrate and scale.

Learn more about Upstream Works omnichannel contact center agent-first desktop solutions here.


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Upstream Works provides enterprise-ready omnichannel contact center desktop solutions that simplify and improve the agent and customer experience. Our flexible, agent-first desktop solutions support digital transformation, innovation, and business growth, and enable contact centers to operationalize artificial intelligence (AI) while leveraging existing systems and investments. For over 20 years, Upstream Works has helped companies around the world and across industries improve operational efficiency, agent effectiveness, customer experience and business outcomes.


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