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5 Ways to Optimize Work-From-Home Agents’ Productivity with Upstream Works

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact organizations across the globe, the transition to call center agents working from home while continuing to perform business as usual requires greater operational flexibility, enhanced collaboration tools, and ease of management.
Here are 5 ways you can optimize your agents’ productivity while they work from home (WFH) – and continue to provide high-quality, personalized engagements with Upstream Works on Finesse (UWF).

1. Empower Your WFH Agents for Greater Productivity

The UWF agent desktop provides enhanced productivity tools, easy conversation navigation, guidance, and knowledge management with full visibility to all customer context-data, Interaction Activity and History. Get additional flexibility with VPN-less access to further support remote agents. With Upstream Works, call center agents have everything they need to assist customers quickly and effectively across all channels, improving CX and customer satisfaction.

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elevate CX Co-browse Video Engage

2. Elevate CX Engagements with Co-Browse, Video Care and More

Engage with your customers on their channel of choice: phone, email, web chat, messaging, video, Co-browse, social, bots, and more. With Co-browse, call center agents and customers can collaborate remotely through a secure, shared web-browsing experience. Take your CX even further with Video Engage for personalized, face-to-face agent and customer engagements, leading to faster resolutions and deeper connections.

3. Collaborate Remotely for Deeper Team Engagement

Supervisors can keep their call center teams working from home up-to-date easily with UWF Marquee, sending out real-time announcements, team communications, and enabling team-based alerts and omnichannel stats. With Team Chats and quick Consults, agents and supervisors can easily interact and share information for faster and more accurate resolutions — all while working from home.

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contact center manage remotely

4. Manage Remotely with Real-time, Performance-Driven Insights

UWF capabilities empower Supervisors to lead and manage remotely with real-time visibility and management of agents, teams and queues for better agent and customer engagements, and overall greater efficiency. Comprehensive, consistent omnichannel reports and performance insights enable responsive leadership and on-the-fly resource management.

5. Shift and Extend Your Resources with Operational Flexibility

UWF extends your agents’ desktops with seamless integration to multiple contact center and third-party applications, systems, data, and CRMs — with one-click access to everything you need on a single, unified desktop. Our flexible licensing model supports your dynamic, shifting business needs, like flexible schedules and changing staff loads.

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Learn how Upstream Works can help you manage your teams remotely, improve agent productivity and deepen customer engagements. Contact us for assistance or to see UWF in action.