Intelligent Customer Engagement Solutions

Upstream Works omnichannel contact center desktop solutions are available on the platform of your choice, including Amazon Connect, Cisco contact centers and digital-only desktop solutions
for the contact center and back office.

Get Started with the Platform of Your Choice

Upstream Works on Amazon Connect

Upstream Works on Amazon (UWA) is an enterprise–ready cloud based contact center solution that enhances Amazon Connect with a unified desktop, digital channels, and the flexibility to scale up or down as needed.

Upstream Works on Cisco Enterprise

Upstream Works on Finesse (UWF) is a flexible omnichannel solution that enhances Cisco Finesse with consistent interactions on any channel and seamless business application integration across the enterprise.

Upstream Works Digital Solutions

Upstream Works Desktop (UWD) is a digital solution for Contact Center and Back Office operations. It can operate as a standalone solution or connect with Upstream Works on Finesse (UWF) and Upstream Works on Amazon (UWA).

Get Next Generation Customer Experience with Upstream Works

Reinvent your contact center and tailor the customer experience (CX) on the platform of your choice. Upstream Works omnichannel solutions enable organizations to accelerate digital transformation with context-rich interactions, personalized engagements and increased productivity.

Omnichannel Solution Flexibility

Accelerate CX transformation with Upstream Works omnichannel contact center solutions. Empower your organization to deliver personalized engagements across any channel with an enterprise-ready solution for in-office or virtual contact centers.

We enable organizations to leverage existing technologies and their contact center platform of choice, including Amazon Connect and Cisco Enterprise collaboration platforms.

Exceed customer expectations and build long-term business value.

A Connected Omnichannel Agent Desktop

The Upstream Works Agent Desktop connects customer interactions with real-time visibility, productivity tools, collaboration features and access to knowledge management. Streamline workflows and improve agent productivity with blended human and automated engagements, interconnected data and systems, and centralized reports and analytics. This results in consistent and more personalized customer engagements.

Our scalable, web-based architecture is flexible and easy to deploy. Enhance your contact center platform with seamless integration capabilities for a cost-effective solution with a rapid ROI.

  • Feature-Rich Agent Desktop
  • Virtual Agent Portal
  • Omnichannel Interaction Management
  • Consistent CX Across All Channels
  • Application and CRM Integrations
  • Contact Center Reporting & Analytics
  • Contact Center Knowledge Management
  • Fast Deployment
  • Easy to Manage
  • Designed for Enterprises
  • Flexibility to Scale & Grow
  • Suitable for Various Industries

Seamless Engagement Across All Channels

Upstream Works powers continuous customer engagements and blends all conversational data, Interaction History and rich reports and analytics for informed CX and optimized team performance. It features cross-channel engagements on all channels, including Voice, Email, Web Chat, SMS, Messaging, Video Engage, Co-browse, Social, Bots, AnyTask, and more.

Omnichannel Management, Reports & Analytics

Upstream Works provides comprehensive omnichannel contact center reporting and analytics for performance optimization. Get a rich set of standard historical reports and real-time statistics for actionable insights.

  • Omnichannel Contact Center Reports and Analytics include First Contact Resolution (FCR) and agent solve rates
  • Business, Operational, Transfer and Detail Reports for insights into operational data
  • Supervisor Reports for quick insight into queue statistics, team performance and task management