Upstream Works AgentNow is a Stevie Awards Finalist

Upstream Works Named a Finalist in the 18th Annual Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service Honoring Innovation in Customer Service

AgentNow on-demand customer service solution recognized for empowering contact centers to improve customer satisfaction and agent performance with faster, more personalized resolutions

WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO (March 26, 2024) — Upstream Works, an omnichannel contact center solutions company, today announced that its AgentNow solution, announced this week, is a finalist in the 18th annual Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service, an international competition recognizing excellence in customer service, contact centers, business development, and sales.

AgentNow provides a fast and convenient way for customers to connect with a qualified contact center agent using popular Unified Communications channels, voice, video and chat, and can be accessed through a smartphone, laptop, or kiosk. It allows a customer to connect directly with an agent using a mix of channels within the same session for a seamless conversation and a more human connection. A customer or agent can seamlessly transition from chat to video and agents have the flexibility to invite other knowledgeable agents to join a session to assist and quickly resolve an issue.

The Stevie Award recognition is a testament to the innovation we are bringing to customer service with AgentNow,” said Upstream Works CEO, Rob McDougall. “United Airlines is the first Upstream Works client to leverage the new AgentNow engagement solution, through a service it named Agent on Demand. We are excited to bring AgentNow to more companies and industries who are looking to improve customer experience with immediate digital customer service via voice, video and chat and empower contact center agents to provide faster resolutions and more personalized service.”

With AgentNow, organizations can quickly tap into on-demand contact center agents to support teams across regions during downtimes, increase efficiency and provide a better customer experience. United’s Agent on Demand service allows customers in airports to access remote gate agents and the airline can provide immediate service during potentially stressful times, like flight delays and cancellations.

For United’s customers, the service experience enables travelers to skip the line at the information desk and connect directly with agents via voice, chat, or video. Passengers can get anytime, anywhere access to airline service agents simply by using a smartphone and scanning a QR code at the airport,” McDougall added.

AgentNow is enterprise-ready and provides contact centers with the ability to easily interact with their customers over Unified Communications platforms including Webex and Microsoft Azure Communication Services (ACS). It is a core feature of the Upstream Works omnichannel contact center solution. The AgentNow interaction is displayed on the agent desktop workspace to maximize engagement effectiveness, along with the agent having full visibility of the customer journey, productivity and collaboration tools, digital channel flexibility, integrations, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation capabilities including AI-powered Agent Assist, to further enhance the agent experience and provide personalized and fast resolutions.

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