Upstream Works Partners with

Upstream Works Partners with for Enhanced Webex Video Analytics

Upstream Works and provide enhanced Webex Video and AI capabilities to help clients elevate agent and customer experiences.

WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO (May 16, 2023) – Upstream Works, a provider of omnichannel contact center desktop solutions, announces a strategic partnership with, a leading AI-powered online meeting analysis platform. This partnership will provide clients across industries with the ability to analyze their Upstream Works and Webex Video interactions with AI, enabling more meaningful video conversations and more effective training and management.

Upstream Works provides flexible omnichannel contact center desktop solutions that support digital transformation, innovation, and business growth, and enable contact centers to operationalize artificial intelligence (AI) while leveraging existing systems and investments. The advanced agent desktop simplifies and improves agent and customer experiences across all channels, including Webex Video, with the AI-powered Virtual Agent Portal, digital channel flexibility, integrations with AI, business applications and CRM systems, and reporting and analytics. provides an AI-powered solution that measures the effectiveness of agent-customer video interactions by analyzing non-verbal cues, vocal meaning, and context. provides valuable insights on how to improve video interactions, enabling more effective training and productivity improvements.

Together, Upstream Works and will provide clients with advanced Webex Meetings Video capabilities that offer contact centers AI-powered analysis of each video interaction, including emotional context like sentiment. With deeper context, contact centers can empower agents to provide more meaningful video engagements with fast resolutions.

“We’re excited about our partnership with and the potential to make a big impact on our clients’ agent and customer experience,” said Rob McDougall, CEO of Upstream Works. “By providing recordings, metrics and analysis of video engagements, we can give our clients deeper insights into their video conversations so they can find opportunities for improvement.”

Burak Aksar, the co-founder of, expressed his utmost excitement about the partnership with Upstream Works, stating, “We are honored to join forces with Upstream Works to drive the evolution of contact center analytics. This partnership opens up limitless possibilities for us to transform the way organizations engage with their customers and optimize their operations.”

Learn more about Upstream Works’ video capabilities here.

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Upstream Works provides enterprise-ready omnichannel contact center desktop solutions that simplify and improve the agent and customer experience. Our flexible, agent-first desktop solutions support digital transformation, innovation, and business growth, and enable contact centers to operationalize artificial intelligence (AI) while leveraging existing systems and investments. For over 20 years, Upstream Works has helped companies around the world and across industries improve operational efficiency, agent effectiveness, customer experience and business outcomes.

About | is a pioneering technology company that leads the charge in AI-driven meeting analytics. With a steadfast commitment to empowering customer-facing teams,’s visionary insights platform unlocks critical meeting and call data through advanced AI algorithms, providing actionable insights of unparalleled value. By revolutionizing customer engagements with AI, Spiky equips customer teams to achieve exceptional productivity, elevate decision-making processes, create company transparency, and foster accelerated growth in a truly asynchronous manner.


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